These Are 3 Most Pessimistic Zodiac Signs (So Prepare For The Worst)

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most pessimistic zodiac signs

There are optimists. there are realists, and then there are the pessimists. (They aren't as bad as they seem.)

Do pessimists tend to see the worst in people and always expect that bad things might happen? Sure.

But, if everyone was an optimist, there would be A LOT of disappointment in the world! Pessimists are logical, analytical, and serious thinkers. Optimists might have a higher quality of life, but pessimists get stuff DONE.

They take life seriously because that's how they feel they can succeed — their perspective on the world doesn't mean that pessimists can't be happy.

You may think they're grumpy, negative, Debby Downers, but pessimists are ALWAYS friends who get stuff done and you can never let them down, because their expectations were never that high in the first place. (So there are actually some upsides to pessimism.)

Hit up your pessimist friend when you think you may be a little ambitious on a new project or if you really don't want to get your hopes up about that new guy you're talking to — they're the perfect person to talk you in those moments.
Pessimists, despite their gloominess, often mean well and, in the end, they're willing to help you with a reality check or to bring you back down to earth after a dream-kick.
So how you do find one of these magic pessimists? Try taking a look at your friends' astrological signs. Because certain signs have the tendency to be more pessimistic than others.
But, if you're curious, out of all the zodiac signs, these THREE zodiac signs tend to be the MOST pessimistic.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

gemini most pessimistic zodiac signs

Most people know your social and witty side, but what they don’t know is that you have a very serious and slightly pessimistic side.

The main reason why you’re often pessimistic is that you are super indecisive and restless, which can make you feel pretty negatively towards new things.

You’re not inherently negative, you just don’t like to be let down, so you’d rather have lower expectations than being disappointed later!

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

virgo most pessimistic zodiac signs

You are all work and no play.

You’re incredibly hard-working and you hate imaging you losing any of that credit that you build for yourself.

You look at the world in a bit of a negative light, mostly because you’re so critical of yourself!

You worry a lot, so it’s easier for you to picture what could go wrong, rather than what could go right.

Usually, it works in your favor, but occasionally it does bring you, and the others around you, down.

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

capricorn most pessimistic zodiac signs

You ALWAYS expect the worst in every situation, mostly because you’re super practical and serious about, well, everything.

You’ve disliked everything and everyone at some point, and it keeps you from getting too disappointed.

You have such an intense self-control, you don’t expect a lot out of anything else because you know you can’t control it.

I’m not saying you have a slight control issue...but you do.