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8 Things An Overthinker NEEDS From You If You Want Your Relationship To Work

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what over thinkers need from a relationship

We overthink because we can't help itit's as simple as that. An overthinker is really just a person who needs a little extra reassurance in their relationship, so it might take a little extra effort on your part, but it'll be worth it once we're able to get out of our heads.

1. Someone who will simply listen to our thoughts, worries, hopes, and desires, is the person we're looking for.

The best types of people are those who sit there and just take in everything a person says and accept it. All an overthinker is looking for is someone who will do just that. 


2. Guaranteed some of the things we have to say are irrational, but listen to us despite that.

The mind of an overthinker is anything but simple. We analyze everything, constantly running over details and freaking out about things that you might not find unusual. Even if you think we're being crazy, let us vent.



3. We want someone who's honest and straightforward.

It's no secret that we worry about anything and everything. From words said, to the tone in which someone said them, you can bet your bottom dollar our minds are busy at work decoding all possible meanings. And we’ll probably create a problem that isn’t even there to begin with.


4. When we go off, we need someone to reel us back in.

Because we will downward spiral off the ledge unless someone stops us. We need someone who's grounded enough to keep us from getting lost inside the unorganized, overflowing filing cabinet that is an overthinker's mind.



5. Sometimes, we need to be told to relax.

As much as we're going to hate it, tell us to stop overthinking when the time calls for it. We desperately want to be able to just inhale fresh air and exhale all our worries, but sometimes we need a little help to do it.


6. When things aren’t going well, we just need someone to tell us they understand.

We’re used to handling things on our own, the overthinker's way, but sometimes it’s nice to just have someone who helps carry whatever baggage we bear.  




7. We want someone who's worthy of our love.

It's true that we might be in our heads a lot of the time, but once we get out of them we have a lot to give


8. But more than anything, we want someone who is going to stay.

If you show us respect and are honest with us, we'll always reciprocate that loyalty. The best way to combat an overthinker is by eliminating their insecurity. And if we know, I mean really know, how you feel about us, there won't be anything to ​overthink. 

This article was originally published at PuckerMob. Reprinted with permission from the author.