How To Respond To People You Find Sexually 'Inappropriate' Or Offensive Online

It's MUCH more simple than you probably think...

How To Respond To People Who Are Sexually 'Inappropriate' Or Offensive (In Your Opinion) weheartit

Let's say you're reading a blog that warns you before you can enter that there's adult content there. It's a blog about sex, with some amount of amateur porn. Is that what you were looking for? If yes, go on in.

And what if, as you flip through the site, you come across images of someone you know on it? Would it change your view of them?

Is it OK, in your opinion, for people you don't know to display themselves online, but not OK for someone you know to do the same thing? 


Let's say for instance you stumbled, in your search for your own thrills, on your best friend.

Or a mother from your child's school?

Your ex? Your sister? Your own parents, even?   

How would you feel? Would you be shocked? Perhaps horrified? Or would you grant them the same freedom of sexual expression as the nameless faces and bodies you enjoy looking at yourself? The same freedom you grant yourself to enjoy theirs.


Quite a question isn't it?

Many of the people you see online in amateur porn are parents, have partners and ex-partners, and brothers and sisters. They, like you, live normal lives, with normal jobs and normal families.

And the way they choose to express their sexuality isn't anyone else's business but their own. 

We still live in a world where being sexually overt is still considered to be the reserve of the young and beautiful and yet the truth remains that a lifetimes worth of experience, whether it be with one partner or many partners, results in a broader sexual knowledge base and therefore, inevitably, better sex. 


Everyone is doing it. Everyone has sex. With their wives and husbands, with their friends and their friends with benefits. Couples with couples. Men with men. Women with women. And, the one thing you can most entirely guarantee, with themselves.

Safe, sane and consensual freedom of sexual expression between adults is your right, no matter who you are.

Discretion is, of course, recommended, but it's not always possible. The most judgmental people, you'll often find, are usually either jealous or desperately trying to hide something of themselves behind a façade.


What should you do if you find you don't like someone else's expression of their sexuality? 

Well, the answer is easy ... Don't look.