The Mortifying Thing That Happened During Rough Sex With My Husband

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The Mortifying Thing That Happened During Rough Sex With My Husband

The other night, I stopped Henry in the midst of our mating ritual.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m kissing you,” he replied. 

“But why are you kissing me so softly?” I demanded. 

“I’m being gentle,” he explained.

“I want you to be gentle in life, but not in bed,” I instructed. Henry groaned exasperatedly.

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Having rough sex with husband is an ongoing issue for me. I’m always telling Henry I want fiery passion even though he can hear everything I do in the bathroom (because that’s so alluring). I can be exhausting. Be glad you’re not married to me. I thought Henry might just take a rain check.

Instead, he handled my request and swept me into some surprisingly athletic lovemaking. Where’s he been hiding that? I thought.

While most of me was in the heat of the moment, a sliver of me, probably my left cerebellum, kind of floated above us and admired his vigor and endurance. Not bad for a man North of 50. Actually, not bad for a man at any age.

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But what the heck was happening with me?

In one position my wrists began to hurt the way they do when I hold a downward dog position too long in yoga. My left hip popped out of joint, then back in. My breathing escalated and my lungs began to protest.

Lungs to me: What do you think you’re doing? You sit at a desk eight hours a day and walk around the park twice a week. We’re not in shape for this kind of stuff! You can’t expect us to keep up!

Me to lungs: Just hang in there, OK? Henry’s in his 50s for Godsakes, how much longer can he last?!

Lungs to me: Who knows! You insulted his manliness and goaded him into a virtuoso performance, you asshat! Sweet Jesus, I think I sprained my bronchi.

Vagina to lungs: Lungs, I’m almost there, don’t fail me now!

Lungs to vagina: Oh, sure, it’s always about you, isn’t it?! All about you and your damned orgasms! What do we get out of this besides a potential embolism?

Heart to lungs: Would you guys shut up, you’re giving me fibrillations!

Me to heart: No one has heart disease in my family, you’re just lazy.

Heart to me: Well maybe if you treated me to something more taxing than paraplegic water aerobics I could handle this sudden, unfortunate uptick in your sexual exertions!

Clitoris to everyone: Stop your yammering! Our OB/Gyn told me that I’m an “average-sized” clitoris, OK? Not like Shannon’s friend Caprice who apparently has massive clitoris orgasms when she sneezes. I’m just average! I have to concentrate!

Mouth to me: Thannon, Thannon over here! I haf cotton-mouf. No saliva. Sahara dethert in here! Too much panting and breafing. I’m parched! 

“Honey?” I query my masterful and apparently superiorly-conditioned husband.

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“Yes, baby.”

“I know thith might be an inconvenient thime, but do you think maybe...”

“What do you need. Anything, just tell me!”

“Could you... go get me a drink of water?”



Silence in which you could hear fiery passion snuffed out like a mafia soldier who slept with an undercover Fed. 

Be careful what you wish for when having rough sex with your husband in bed after 40.

You just might get it.

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