Here's The Video Of A Couple Having Sex On A Ryanair Flight

couple having sex on airplane

Well, if the people sitting next to this couple didn’t have enough to complain about on Ryanair, they sure did after this flight. I mean, Ryanair is known to offer a pretty gloomy passenger experience, so maybe this couple just got creative in order to spice things up a bit.

That's right, this couple having sex on an airplane took the "mile high club" to a whole new level with a romp session right at their seat on this flight from Manchester to Ibiza.

Right before doing the deed, the man in the photos asked his seatmates if anyone had a condom. He then sat still while his lady friend straddled him as everyone watched and took videos. In-flight porn anyone?

Ibiza is a well-known party island, and it appears that this couple having sex on the airplane just couldn’t wait for the landing to get things started off right.

It was about an hour into the flight that the two started going at it and none of the flight staff did anything to intervene or reprimand them. One of the passengers, 21-year-old Kieran Williams from Preston, Lancashire, was pretty shocked to be a witness to this scene.

"I heard them talking about it but I thought they were joking. The guy was shouting, 'Anyone got a jelly?' [another word for condom]. We all laughed but then ten minutes later they actually did it. They seemed so drunk, they brought a lot of attention to themselves. You could see the girl taking off her pants and he pulled his trousers off. She started riding him. I had to get my phone out. I have never seen anything like that."

While a female passenger who was sitting next to the horny couple asked to be moved, there wasn’t much opposition to the sexy scene.

"A woman was sat next to them and she stood up and asked if she could be moved. About twenty minutes after it happened, someone complained about it. But the crew did nothing."

Daily Mail 

Williams, who was flying to Ibiza to work as a bartender for the summer, said, "They were starting and stopping but it was completely obvious what was going on. We all had a good laugh about it. It was pretty funny.'"

And according to a spokesperson for Ryanair: "We are looking into this matter. We will not tolerate unruly, disruptive or inappropriate behavior at any time and any passengers who appear to behave in an unacceptable manner may be liable for further sanctions."

I don’t know about you guys, but I would have been pretty furious if I was sitting anywhere near these two. Hopefully, the flight attendants will get in just as much trouble as them. 

Check out the full video below: