10 Struggles Only Women Who Wear Makeup EVERYDAY Will Understand

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Wearing makeup doesn't define your beauty or who you are as a person. It's a personal choice, and for some of us, we're forever devoted to our makeup.

People like makeup because it's an expression of who they are, and it's also a great way to show off their skills. But what about women who simply can't live without their makeup?

I'm certainly one of them.

Why do I feel the need to wear makeup every day of my life, whether I'm going to the store, taking a quick trip into town, or hanging out with friends? I don't feel comfortable leaving the house without some kind of cover for my blemishes.

Would I die if I didn't apply makeup before leaving the house? Of course not. But makeup also helps me to feel more confident in myself. I walk with my head up high when I'm wearing it. (Oh, and my eyelashes are ALWAYS on point, so there's that.)

For those women who swear by their daily makeup routine — or else they'll melt into a puddle of foundation and mascara — here are 10 truths you know all too well:

1. You feel naked if you need to leave your house without it.

You might be wearing clothes, but being in public without makeup is the equivalent of being naked. No, people aren't staring at your privates; they're staring at your FACE.


2. When you DON'T wear makeup, people tell you how tired you look.

I've overslept a few times and didn't have time to properly put on makeup. I figured nobody would really notice... Yep, I was wrong. Throughout the day, people asked me if I'd gotten enough sleep the night before.

All I could muster was a, "Yeah ... I'm going for a natural look ... "


3. You devote at least 20 solid minutes to your makeup routine.

We all know that you can't rush makeup. You don't want streaks or smudges. And if you're going to a party or an event, you leave even MORE time to get your eyeshadow and lipstick just right. Can't have uneven eyeliner in pictures, right?


4. Your makeup collection is OUT OF CONTROL.

Even though you probably only stick to what you normally use, you have eyeshadows and lipsticks galore. You bought Orgasm or Half Baked on a whim, used it once (but why would you ever?), and now it's at the bottom of the pile.

You'll find time to clean out your old makeup ... eventually.


5. You have your own "signature" look.

Whether it's a more natural look or wearing your favorite tinted lipgloss every day, there's always one or two things about your look that you're known for. People definitely notice that you're always wearing Velvet Teddy.


6. You have a few products you swear by.

It really all depends on what you prefer to wear. But some people take it even further and pledge allegiance to ONE company. But when you take into account that a MAC lipstick goes for $16, whereas a cheap Wet N' Wild one goes for $1, you really need to weigh your options.


7. When you try a new look, people don't recognize you.

Yes, I'm trying a different lipstick today. No, it's not something to freak out about. It's just makeup. Thanks for your compliment; let's move on.


8. That feeling when you're running low on your favorite product...

I MUST get to the store ... NOW. God forbid you need to use your second favorite product. Not going to happen.


9. You're always looking for the best bargain on your "essentials."

Walgreens sells it for $15, but Harmon sells it for $11. Oh hell yes, you better believe I'm dragging my ass to the store for that deal. (I can spend that leftover $4 on a lipstick, hellooooooo!)


10. You have to hold back from crying when your favorite bronzer gets discontinued.

Why, MAC? Why did you discontinue Icon? Have you no soul? Luckily, the internet is a great place for duplicates of your much-needed product. Once you find the perfect dupe, you can buy out the entire stock in every store in your area.


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