Should You Have Sex While Constipated? 7 Things You Need To Know FIRST

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should you have sex while constipated

If you are constipated, basically every aspect of life is a lot less enjoyable. You are uncomfortable, you may be in pain,  you just feel out of sorts and, well... stuffed up. So, before you get that handled, chances are you aren't going to want to try your luck with having sex while constipated, right? We didn't think so.

Sex is likely to be pretty uncomfortable when you’re constipated. That begs the question: should you have sex while constipated?

"That’s because your rectum is full of stool, and behind the stool is gas, causing pains and cramps. The rectum is directly behind the vagina, and so if you haven’t had any bowel movements for two or three days, the pressure of sex on the rectum may not be ideal," says Tamsin Nicholson, sex and lifestyle editor at DrFelix, an online doctor service.

“There’s also a slightly higher risk of infection of having sex while constipated — bacteria can travel through the anus and into the vagina or urethra, which can cause further complications, like infections," Nicholson advises. "However, these are just things to be aware of, and there’s usually no reason why you should not have sex while constipated if you want to."

So, should you have sex while constipated or wait until you've cleared out a little bit?

1. Things can become a little uncomfortable.

It’s generally okay (unless constipation is really severe), but it might be pretty uncomfortable.

"And anything that makes sex uncomfortable is an altered function and ought to be addressed with a doc visit. Also, unless you’re able to get so into the sex that it helps you cope with the discomfort, it’s not that great an idea to have sex that makes you uncomfortable," says sexologist Carol Queen.

2. It might be a symptom of IBS.

Constipation is one of the troublesome symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), along with gas, bloating, cramping and diarrhea. In a very recent national survey by Rachel Pauls Food, it shed light on a digestive disorder afflicting 40 million Americans. Thirty-seven percent of IBS sufferers reported a significant negative impact on their sex lives. Of that 37 percent, 12 percent said they have refrained from engaging in sexual activities for an extended period of time.

3. Your constipation can lead to serious health problems.

Unchecked chronic constipation can lead to long-term pelvic floor damage. Also, retroversion of the uterus is associated with both constipation and pain during sex.

4. You have a greater chance of getting an infection.

Having sex while constipated, especially for those predisposed to intestinal issues (like those with IBS), could lead to a greater chance of getting a UTI because of weakened cell walls in the gut letting germs through to the vagina.

5. You can become constipated following childbirth.

If you are pregnant or if you recently had a baby, you may experience constipation due to what is going on with your abdominal muscles or the use of vitamins or pain killers that were involved in the pregnancy or delivery. This obviously will pass, so just wait it out.

6. Anal sex can alleviate symptoms.

While you may find having sex while constipated uncomfortable, it does have some surprising benefits. Anal sex may actually help to cure constipation. Sounds weird, we know, but it makes sense. Your anal muscles are relaxing, and maybe thrusting something else in there will help to dislodge what already is.

7. But anal sex can also create fissures.

Anal sex may help with constipation, but it can also make it worse. It has to do with scar tissues and anal fissures, but some say the act of a large penis going in there may lead to larger stools. Confusing, but something to keep in mind. However, other reports say that it can actually make it TOO easy to go to the bathroom, so we're not sure what to believe.