We All Have Zodiac Sign Twins — Here’s How You Can Determine Who They Are

Who's your twin?

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To the naked eye, it can seem like every zodiac sign is different, just like every person or snowflake is different.

Well, let me let you in on a little secret: people are a lot more alike than they are different.

How? Because even if you have some very dominant qualities about you that run MOST of your life, there are still some hidden qualities that you might even know you have; qualities that are very similar to other people.


Take for example myself. As an Aquarius, I am often considered very “out there” and eccentric, mainly because Aquarius is known for marching to the beat of her own drum.

That said, my head isn’t always in the clouds (that’s Pisces).

In fact, Aquarius is much more grounded and levelheaded than people realize.


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Chalk it up to being one of the more logical signs or because we just love to surprise people, but either way, this isn’t a quality usually reserved for this zodiac sign.

In fact, being very logical and level-headed is frequently used to describe Capricorn and Virgo.

So, while you may not have the same domineering personality traits as someone else, there are some distinguishing factors that make you very similar to another sign.



These similarities are also good for another reason. When you find something you can relate with, it makes it much easier to both respect other people and see things from their perspective.

So, while I may not see much in common between Aquarius and Capricorn, or Aquarius and Virgo, I still respect both of these signs immensely because we have very similar mindsets.

Even if you don’t get along with the sign you’re most similar to, chances are pretty good that you can at least tolerate them more than other astrological signs, thanks to that common thread.

1Aries & Scorpio

aries scorpio zodiac sign twins

Aries is most similar to Scorpio because they both share that intensity that you see in everyday life.

Aries matches Scorpio’s ambition whether it is related to getting ahead in her career or just going out on the weekends.

Both of these signs constantly have full schedules, complete with “be a boss bitch” and “make this another unforgettable weekend” (no lie). 

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Speaking of weekends, Aries and Scorpio both love to go all out, meaning that their nights usually turn out pretty unexpected.

Both are very impulsive, which is both a good thing and a dangerous thing… although they both do enjoy some danger.

Anything that gets their adrenaline pumping and the party started is at the top of their list.

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2Taurus & Leo

taurus leo zodiac sign twins

Taurus is most similar to Leo for one main reason: they are both incredibly stubborn.

Put it this way: If you aren’t speaking their language, then they aren’t going to listen to you at all. This stubbornness is equal parts always wanting to be right and wanting people to pay attention to them, so arguing with either sign is a losing battle.

Taurus and Leo are also very generous, when it comes to the people they care about.

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This combines with their materialistic nature, too. Even though some people might think that being materialistic makes Taurus and Leo shallow, in reality, they just really love showering their favorite people with gifts.

They are both also well known for being the one to pay whenever you go out with them, so you can’t argue with that!

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3Gemini & Libra

gemini libra zodiac sign twins

Gemini and Libra don’t seem like they would be all that similar at first glance, but in fact, they are very much alike.

Both are incredibly positive and always looking to brighten someone’s day.

They often think of others when they do something fun because they know that there is always someone out there who wants to join them (their fun is contagious).

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Gemini and Libra are also very social creatures. They tend to get along with just about everyone and have no problem putting themselves out there if it means gaining new friends and having even more fun.

If you are planning an awesome trip or a crazy night out, these two signs are going to be the ones that turn a good night into a great one.

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4Cancer & Pisces

cancer pisces zodiac sign twins

Unlike some of the other zodiac pairings, Cancer and Pisces are much more alike than they are different.

Both are very sensitive and intuitive, which means that everything you’re feeling, they’re feeling too. This is actually a great personality to have because if their friends are ever in a bad mood or need a shoulder to cry on, Cancer and Pisces will be there in a heartbeat.

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They share a caring personality that helps them relate and connect with just about anyone because knowing these girls, they’ve already gone through what you’re dealing with right now.

Pisces and Cancer are also very emotional, and are very secure in being open and honest with what they’re feeling at any given time.

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5Virgo & Capricorn

virgo capricorn zodiac sign twins

Virgo and Capricorn are the two signs that are always thinking about things in a different light; the ones who are always curious to learn more about what the world has to offer them.

Because they are also both perfectionists, they can relate to each other about wanting everything to be right all the time (including themselves).

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Virgo and Capricorn are also very resourceful and responsible, meaning they can take care of themselves like no other sign can. 

They love being the people who others come to for help, but also being the girls who know exactly how to make smart look sexy.

The wealth of knowledge these two signs have between them is mind-blowing and, whether you want to admit it or not, incredibly sexy.

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6Sagittarius & Aquarius

sagittarius aquarius zodiac sign twins

Sagittarius and Aquarius love being the signs who stand out, no matter what they do. They are both fiercely original, meaning there are no two alike (except for being similar to each other).

This makes them that friend who is always trying something new — before it becomes cool — and wanting their friends to try new things, too.

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Because Aquarius and Sagittarius are both very independent, they hate feeling like anything in life is tying them down or suffocating them.

They may have a lot of friends, but relationships are a little harder for them.

One thing is true, though. Even if it seems impossible for them to want to create lasting romantic relationships or stay in one place for too long, they bring something unforgettable to the lives of everyone around them.

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