Sorry, But Having Daughters Does NOT Stop Guys From Being Sexist

I'm not sold on this science.

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It wasn't too long ago that women were thought of as property. In a way, we still are, but I won't go there today.

Men had far more say about a woman's role in the home and in the world — and during those times a woman's place was not likely to allow her to stray too far outside of the kitchen pantry.

However, cultural norms have since shifted, and because of that, sexist attitudes and thoughts are still a thing, unfortunately.


Given that women couldn't even vote until 1920 (it hasn't even been one hundred years!) and had to fight to find their way in a workplace that didn't want them (and even the fact that women would be arrested for wearing pants, y'all), it's pretty interesting to find a new study that suggests men actually become "less sexist" when they have daughters.

To be exact, it was a Harvard study that, as Metro puts it, "analyzed 1,400 male venture capitalists who were backing firms from 1990 to 2016. They found that having a daughter instead of a son increased the likelihood of hiring a female investor by 24 percent."


Let's be real: It sucks that it takes having a daughter to get men to understand the importance of equality, but I understand it.

However, the absolute truth is they don't just become less sexist — they become selectively sexist.

They want better for their daughters, but they would prefer to keep their wives trapped in Joan Cleaver's apron or worse: air headed and hyper-sexualized.

But take heed, because I'm not the only one to point this out. And even in an article from Salon, titled: Trump’s Gender Paradox: When men are feminists for their daughters but not for their wives. This sentiment was also featured by the New York Times in a piece titled Why Men Want to Marry Melanias and Raise Ivankas


“One traditional value Mr. Trump does hew to: wanting an old-fashioned wife but a modern, professional daughter. On Thursday, convention-goers will hear from the elder Trump daughter, Ivanka, a successful businesswoman currently writing a book called Women Who Work. They’ll also witness how the Trump family embodies a very old sexist hypocrisy: Men who want one thing for their wives and another for their children.”It seems that men's views change, and they become more tolerant to the point of view that is equality and oneness, as they have to instill their daughters with the belief that they can do and be anything — which is still somewhat of an alternative reality for their wives.And these men decide that they must instill their daughters with the belief that they deserve to be treated as an equal to their male counterparts and anyone else in this world — otherwise that'd be some crap parenting.

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Prior to having a daughter, some men have never had a reason to see things from a female point of view because they seek out their mothers in their wives and look for someone who will care for them in the traditional "female" role.

This isn't surprising, after all. What kind of parent would dream of that same type of life for their daughter? Not many, as the goal is for your children to always do better than you.


You'd be a monster of a parent if you told your daughter something heinous in the year 2017 like they aren't able to do a man's job, or that they need to take home economics to learn how to cater to their future husband and household. Or that they're not as smart, athletic, or allowed to be as independent as boys are naturally "allowed" to be.

That's just no longer the norm in parenting, and with that shift, men have had to shift their views as far as their daughters are concerned.

And while it's awesome for daughters, it's still a step in the wrong direction for men themselves.