The Way He Talks About His Ex Tells You EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Him

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what he says about his ex will tell you everything

People often reveal themselves through their casual commentary.

You can learn everything you need to know about the kind of man he is by the way he speaks about others

Everything you need know about the kind of boyfriend he is by the way he speaks about the girls who are not there to defend themselves.


If he says that she was crazy, break up with him. 

He says that she stalks him, that’s why he blocked her on Instagram. 

He says that she’s nuts, that’s why you have to run out of a restaurant when he sees her come in with a group of friends.

Guys who call their ex-girlfriends crazy are usually the crazy ones. 

They paint themselves as victims when they were the problems in their relationship


If he sounds like he’s still in love with her, break up with him.

He talks about her like she’s the star of his favorite show or a character in his favorite book. 

She did no wrong and his eyes light up when he mentions her name.

When he dotes on how wonderful she was and can’t see past it, he isn’t over her

You will never live up to the memory of her, so you shouldn’t even have to try.


If he can say nice things but doesn’t seem like he’s still in love with her, do not break up with him.

Any man worth your time will know that relationships take work and breakups are generally not any one person’s fault. 

When he tells you that they’re still on speaking terms and things just didn’t work out, you can have the knowledge that he is not a problematic boyfriend. 

He will not talk shit about you when you break up. He is cordial and composed.

This is the kind of man that you keep.


This article was originally published at PuckerMob. Reprinted with permission from the author.