Watch Two Camels Mating In The Middle Of Dubai Speedway (VIDEO)

Photo: daily mail
camels mating

Two camels getting it on in the desert? I’m not really surprised. While camels doing the deed in their natural habitat isn’t too shocking, it is pretty hilarious that they caused a huge traffic jam while doing it.

It kind of serves the motorists right for building a highway right in the middle of the desert where they usually roam. Hey, maybe that lady camel was finally willing to give it up — a guy has to jump on an opportunity when it’s there.

The massive traffic jam took place on a motorway in the United Arab Emirates, caused by a horny camel duo. A British ex-pat was able to capture the scene on film, as the female camel was mounted and loudly grunting.

The ordeal took place off the central reservation of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, which stretches between Dubai and Ras Al-Khaimah. Motorists were not amused as they aggressively honked their horns and snapped a few photos, probably because they needed proof to show their bosses why they were late to work.

The 25-year old man from Bangor, Northern Ireland who filmed this camel porno said that he and his friends were on the way to a stag party when they saw the scene. A camel sex traffic jam seems like a pretty great start to a memorable stag party if you ask me.

A witness said, "It's one of the maddest things I've ever seen. I've lived out here for two years but this is definitely not the norm. We were driving out of Dubai to go to a stag and we just spotted them at the side of the road absolutely going for it. Obviously, in some of the more rural places here you do see wild animals but this was on another level.

One of the camels had completely mounted the other and it was just hilarious. There were cars pulling over because of it. I'm not sure whether they thought they were in danger or just wanted to watch or move them. It was mental."

The video clip, which is about 30 seconds long, shows a male camel straddling his lady camel who is kneeling down in the road. The scene is set by motorists stopping, honking horns and taking photos from car windows.

"I know people might have a certain impression of what Arabic countries are like, but this is definitely quite rare. We kind of rubbed our eyes and were like 'is that definitely what it looks like?' The natural reaction these days is just to film something. It's undoubtedly the best thing I've seen since I moved to the Middle East. We were soon on our way so I've no idea how long they stayed there. People were beeping their horns but how do you move on two humping camels?"

Getting stuck in traffic and missing an appointment or two kind of seems worth it to me. I mean, how perfect would it be to head home from a trip to Dubai with stories of camels fornicating on the highway?