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These 4 Zodiac Sign Pairs Are Not Compatible At All

zodiac sign astrological signs that are not compatible

Let's face it: there are some people who are just incompatible with each other. Some people go together like peanut butter and jelly. Others....not so much. 

Sometimes, people simply just don't get along.

One person might have habits that the other person finds unbearable. Or, one person might have a personality that the other finds completely annoying.

These people who are incompatible might be able to get along on a surface level. Like, they can probably grab lunch together without getting into any conflicts, and they might even be able to maintain a cordial friendship.

But, when they are together TOO much, they might find that they butt heads more often than not.

One person might be a neat freak while the other is untidy and messy. One person might be superficial and shallow while the other is more down-to-earth.

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Incompatibility isn’t just for people with opposite personalities.

Sometimes people want partners who complement themselves, and so they find that they are incompatible with others who they are TOO similar to.

Everyone has such different needs and desires.

It’s safe to say that there are some people who simply won’t meet our needs and who possibly couldn't even if they tried. 

Sure, love can happen when we least expect it, but there are definitely some people who we know for sure are a bad match for us.

Each zodiac sign has a different personality — and just as some of us get along well, others of us just weren't made for each other.

So, without further ado, here are the zodiac signs that are the LEAST compatible with each other.

Aries Vs. Cancer

Aries Cancer zodiac signs astrological signs that are not compatible

An Aries is energetic and constantly looking for dynamic. She hates inactivity, and she LOVES being busy.

A Cancer is pessimistic and highly imaginative. The two can maintain a great friendship together, but if they try to take their relationship to the next level, they will be disappointed.

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A Cancer is too moody and passive for an Aries, who needs a partner who will keep her on her toes and always be down to go on adventures with her. A Cancer needs down time, and she will be too exhausted by a partner who nags her about constantly going out.

Over time, these tiny differences will wear the two of them down. Sadly, an Aries and a Cancer just weren't made for each other.

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Leo Vs. Sagittarius

Leo Sagittarius zodiac sign astrological signs that are not compatible

As two fire signs, a Leo and a Sagittarius will both go up in flames together.

A Leo is dominant, and she hates being ignored. If she's looking for constant attention from a Sagittarius then she will be disappointed because Sag are notoriously known for being flighty and inconsistent.

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A Sagittarius is constantly running around and she rarely pays attention to one thing for too long. 

She wants a partner who will give her room to breathe and explore, while a Leo wants a partner who will smother her with attention.

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Since these two signs have such fundamental differences, they just won’t work well in the long run.  

Libra Vs. Gemini

Libra Gemini zodiac sign astrological signs that are not compatible

On the surface, it seems like a Libra and a Gemini would be great matches for each other. A Libra is peaceful and harmonious while a Gemini is affectionate and gentle.

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Things might seem great for this couple at first, but when they get to know each other a little better, they might find that they don’t make the best pairing.

They are both indecisive and nervous, and they will rarely communicate their insecurities with each other.

A Libra hates confrontations, and a Gemini is naturally shy. Because of this, they will have difficulty solving any relationship issues that come up, and they will find that they simply don’t meet each other’s needs.

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Capricorn Vs. Aquarius

Capricorn Aquarius zodiac sign astrological signs that are not compatible

A Capricorn is practical and serious. She can also be very condescending and downright pessimistic about most things.

An Aquarius is progressive and optimistic. She likes to have fun with friends and she HATES dull or boring situations.

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An Aquarius will eventually get bored of a Capricorn’s uptight ways, while a Capricorn will find that Aquarius is way too frivolous and silly.

Both of these types are uncompromising and tend to run from emotional expression, so conflicts between these two will be VERY difficult to manage.

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These two signs will argue SO much, and neither of them will find a common ground. They might initially seem like a good match, but things will go south FAST.