These 4 Zodiac Signs Have A Tough Time Opening Up

Emotions? Nah I'm good for today.

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While some are blessed with the ability to be an open book 24/7, some of us are not telling you sh*t.

We have it all — sweaty palms (more like sweaty body), broken speech, and uncontrollable tapping of limbs are all the symptoms of someone who has a really hard time opening up.

To some, opening up and being vulnerable is debilitating and something that can take over our lives.



Opening up is SO important to all relationships, romantic and platonic. It shows that we have a deeper side to us and we can talk about more than our favorite grilled cheese restaurant.

Mmm grilled cheese...let’s stay focused here. We are getting DEEP.



The biggest complaint on The Bachelor is that the contestants don’t “open up” enough. You know, that’s a pretty BIG demand for people you have known for two weeks.

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Some people take years to have “the conversation”. We all know that one. It’s like Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in Crazy, Stupid, Love when they stay up all night talking about an array of topics and eventually get to the nitty gritty.



It brings the couple closer together or makes the friendship that much stronger.

But what if you are the kind of person that just CAN'T bring yourself to have that kind of conversation? Are you exiled from the dating game or written off as a BAD friend?

NO, that person just needs to get to know you a little better. Come on, we all gotta put some work into this relationship. Don’t we?

Taking a look at someone’s zodiac sign can reveal exactly why they are not as emotionally expressive as others. So check out these signs to see who has a REALLY hard time opening up.

1Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Virgo least emotional zodiac sign

Get this girl out of the spotlight! She HATES it! And if you think she’s gonna dump her life story on you at first glance, think again.

Virgo is extremely analytical and is always paying attention to small details.

While she may be able to analyze her own life as well as others, it can be hard for her to let down her guard and share with others. This comes from her shyness.

She worries a lot and really despises asking for help. She may have things she NEEDS to tell you but she may be too shy or concerned that she would be a burden to you.

Show her that you are always open to talk by opening up to her YOURSELF. This may make her more comfortable with getting to the deep stuff.

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2Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpio least emotional zodiac sign

When it comes to the act of opening up, Scorpio has no problem spilling her heart out to you. So she’s off the hook, right? WRONG.

She may live and breathe emotions BUT she has another side to her. Ooo mysterious!

So yeah she’s cool, calm and collected AND emotionally mature. BUT she is also distrusting and secretive. Yes, she will open up. If and only if she trusts you completely.

If she is suspicious of your motives you can expect her to keep her mouth shut, tight.

She values the truth and if you can’t deliver on that front she won’t be able to fill you in on HER truths. Sorry, better luck next time buddy.

And if you have any hopes of hearing her deep dark secrets you better prove that your mouth is shut tighter than a darn pasta sauce jar. That’s tight!

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3Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Aquarius least emotional zodiac sign

Wow, is this girl SMART?! She will blow you away with her intellect and deep thinking. BUT her deep thinking can set her back in her relationships and the eventual ‘opening up’ phase.

She will side step on out of a conversation if it looks like emotions are beginning to run loose.

She may have deep thoughts about emotions but has a hard time talking about them.

When faced with opportunities to open up Aquarius might shy away because of her fear of disagreement. She has a hard time working through issues or emotions when someone doesn’t agree with her.

Opening up could leave her friendless and she also fears being lonely. She would rather have fun and adventure with her friends than get deep and emotional.

Who can blame her?! Emotions are messy, for sure!

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4Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Pisces least emotional zodiac sign

One of her best qualities is how friendly and selfless she is. She will drop anything to help her friends. How can you go wrong with a friend?

Despite being so good to her friends and achieving deep, emotional relationships, she can be fearful. And her fear comes from her tendency to put SO MUCH trust in other people.

She fears being let down. Don’t we ALL?!

Pisces is also fearful of being criticized or experiencing cruelty. She can be very emotional when people are unkind to her.

It’s no wonder she doesn't’ want you in her business. Give the girl some space.

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