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14 Amazing Memes About Greg Gianforte's Win Despite BODY-SLAMMING A Reporter

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Even if you don’t live in Montana, chances are good that you might still be interested in their special election results from Thursday night.

This is because Montanans willingly elected Greg Gianforte to be their state representative. This was after (yes after) people found out that he got angry at a reporter and “body-slammed” him to the ground, punched him repeatedly, and broke his glasses.

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Trump called this Republican victory a “great win,” but other Republicans basically spent their time trolling anyone who protested Gianforte’s aggressive actions with 4chan-style responses in the vein of “U mad, bro?”

Photo: Truthfeed

Firstly, what the actual f*ck, Montana?

A man who can’t even handle one dude with a microphone in his face without going WWE on him is the man you want making decisions over your entire state? You do know there’s going to be quite a few more people with microphones, right? Is he going to turn the House of Representatives into the Elimination Chamber and force reporters to tap out if he doesn’t like their questions?

And secondly… what the actual f*ck, Montana?!

Photo: Truthfeed

Yes, Democrats were upset over the loss, and rightly so. But posting on their Twitter and Facebook accounts and being visibly distraught is understandable in any election, especially one in which your candidate lost to a man who physically attacked another man during the election.

So saying that Democrats upset over the victory were “wounded and thin-skinned to begin with” isn’t really accurate, because the Republicans laughing over disheartened Democrats are the same people who voted for a man who literally couldn’t take a joke and had to address concerns over the size of his tiny fingers in relation to his penis on national television.

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And let’s also not forget that many Republicans were so angered by Obama’s second election to the presidency that they went around attacking minorities, assaulting his supporters, destroying public property, and hanging effigies of their president from nooses. 

But it’s not all doom and gloom, despite Montana electing Greg Gianforte, a man who literally looks like the walking definition of constipation.

Once again, the internet has swept in with some dazzling memes to take the edge off of this otherwise very bleak situation. If you're looking to laugh through the tears, then look no further! Here are some of the most hilarious memes and tweets the internet could provide in light of this violent turn of events.

Here are 14 of the best democratic meme responses to Greg Gianforte’s victory in lieu of his misdemeanor assault charges:

1. Gianforte's got a ... "flair" for drama


2. He's right, you know.


3. Will these wrestling memes ever be not funny?


4. Well, at least if politics doesn't work out, we know he'll have a good gig lined up!


5. Wonder who voted for him — oh.

6. Some people just stated the truth.

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7. ...But isn't it your business, though?


8. And even Gianforte himself threw in some thoughts on it.

9. And the artists had to toss it in too...

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10. Someone even found "actual" footage!

11. An accurate forecast.


12. And the "pre" interview prepping area:

13. And the after party...

14. You know what? I believe him.