People Who Wear Socks During Sex Have MORE Orgasms (Says Science)

Who knew?!

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This just in! ORGASM NEWS

That's right, I'm here with all the latest to make sure you are up to date when it comes to how to have the best orgasms around. I'm like the tooth fairy, but I leave no money and instead I just talk to you about your sex life. 

I'll still get rid of those teeth you've been hoarding, BTW. 

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So what am I on about? A brand spanking new study by Gert Holstege! 


In the course of this study, only 50 percent of participants asked to have sex successfully reported having an orgasm.

Now here's where it gets interesting: ​The people taking the study were then given socks, and a whopping 80% of them ALL HAD ORGASMS. 

Turns out that lingerie is for the birds, and that socks are where it's at.

That's right, wearing socks in bed could help you have the best ever orgasms! But before you go running for your sock drawer, let's dig the science on this. What is it about having toasty toes that has the human body all primed to have an orgasm anyway?

There's no official verdict, but it doesn't take a scientist to figure out that when you aren't distracted by the cold, you're more likely to enjoy your sexy romp with your partner. Think about how hard it can be to have an orgasm, say, when the two of you go camping in the late fall. Sure, you want to get freaky, but it's too darn cold! If you feel warm and comfortable you'll be more relaxed and more relaxation leads to better orgasms! 


With that in mind, I did a cursory Etsy search for "sexy socks" to share with you here today so that you can start ditching your assless chaps and crotchless panties and focus on those sexy, sexy feet of yours! 

The pickings were rather slim, but here are my favorite three:

1. Sandwich Socks 

You know what's sexy? A woman who isn't afraid to embrace ALL her appetites. These socks don't just celebrate a gal's passion for making awesome whoopie, they celebrate the greatest love of all: the love a woman can have for a sandwich. 


2. Slutty Ballerina Socks

There is nothing I don't love about these. Who says that a pair of socks can't be sexy as hell? These socks beg to differ. They are slouchy and sexy like a balled up wad of tights pushed to the foot of the bed. Me-ow

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3. Sexy And I Know It Socks

You know what's super sexy? Confidence. And you know who is confident? A person who is going to happily wear socks to bed because they know it's going to lead to just bangarang orgasms. Wear this and cum with pride! 

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