How To Choose, Use, Remove And Clean A Butt Plug

With the right toy and the right touch, you're going to have the time of your life!

How To Choose, Use, Remove And Clean A Butt Plug Weheartit

Booty fingering, rim jobs, anal beads, and full-on penis penetration — my anal play journey has never had a dull moment. Then butt plugs were introduced, and the anal exploration reached a fever pitch.

While my other sex toys and techniques never made it out of the bedroom, this one had the thrilling opportunity to tag along for a coffee run or stay out for hours with me on a Saturday night date. The sheer thrill that only my partner and I knew — this scandalous, little secret we shared over dinner and drinks — was enough to send shivers up my spine and make my toes curl. Unforgettably wild sex always ensued every time I put that bad boy up my butt.


But before you rush out to buy your own bedazzled butt plug, you’ve got to educate yourself first on size, style, and practice (so an awkward trip to the emergency room isn’t the unfortunate result).

For those looking to lose their butt plug virginity, read on to discover how to do it right the first time.

1. Choose a butt plug that's right for YOU

No matter how wide or flexible you think you are down there, it is best to start small. You can purchase an anal training kit with a range of sizes that will help you work up to a larger gauge or just opt for the smallest plug you can find – trust me, even a tiny one will give you the stimulation you are craving.


Make sure the material you are purchasing is free of phthalates (chemicals that are often added to a synthetic material to increase its plasticity). The EPA has deemed these agents “possible human carcinogens” and it's been established that they can cause hormone disruption. For this reason, it is best to avoid plugs made from PVC, vinyl, or jelly rubber.

If the toy is bendy, squishy, or has a strange, rubbery smell, it is most likely made with phthalates.

When picking out your butt plug, keep in mind what your end game is. Rounder and straighter plugs give you that filled-up feeling while curvier ones are best for prostate stimulation.

And no matter what your preference is, make sure the plug has a large, flared base to prevent your anus from accidentally swallowing it up!


Information about how long you should keep your butt plug in is sparse, but it is recommended not to wear one for longer than two to three hours at a time, as prolonged use can cause damage or ulcers given that the plug’s design pinches the lining between the anal sphincter and toy.

And, sensibly speaking, you should remove your plug immediately if you notice any pain, bleeding, or discomfort.

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2. Insert it with care.

Go slow and steady. Don’t push yourself too far or speed your way through the process. Anal play isn’t a race!

The rectum is much more sensitive than your vaginal canal and can easily tear or become irritated, so taking your time is imperative.


Begin outside the anus and adjust your body to the new sensations. Once you feel comfortable and relaxed, gently insert the plug. It's suggested to not perpendicularly shove it into your body, but rather point the tip upwards towards your stomach, slowly pushing the tip further in using your finger.

Again, remain mindful of the stimulation. Even the slightest bit of anxiety can aggravate the lining of the rectum.

And when doing any kind of anal penetration, make sure to slather your anus in a heavy, water-based or silicone lubricant (these are much more ideal for anal pleasure than your typical pharmacy lubes). However, if your toy is made from silicone, then use a water or oil-based lubricant instead as silicone lubes can melt the surface and create small chasms in the toy.

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3. Clean your new toy — every single time you use it.

Wash your butt plug with hot water and soap immediately after use and let it air-dry.

Never share anal toys given the risk of transmitting infections, viruses, or bacteria.


You can disinfect your toy if it is made from non-porous materials like stainless steel or silicone and doesn’t have a motor. Simply boil some water and leave your toy in for about 10 minutes.

Now, with this handy information, feel free to plug (pun intended) into the wonderful world of sticking it up your butt!

Plugs are a versatile resource to incorporate into your butt play, whether it be an adventurous warm-up to anal sex or a sensuous tool for expanding your rectum, the multitude of possibilities are endless, experimental, and downright dirty, good fun.

Happy playing!

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