The 18 BEST Funny Trump Memes About Prison, Russia And Impeachment

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18 Of The BEST And Funniest Trump Prison And Impeachment Memes


Every day, I wake up and take a long breath before I open my phone to see what happened overnight.

Because, as of late, there's usually some bizarre news reveal that turns into the water cooler talk of the day.

It'll be OK, I tell myself.

Just check out some funny Donald Trump memes and lighten up!

What could possibly be worse than what has already happened?

This week?

I can't even keep up!

Random Co-worker: "Hey, did you hear what just happened?"

Me: "You mean Donald Trump fired James Comey?"

Random Co-worker: "OMG, no. That's old news. Now ... "

And then while I'm working on one very specific Donald Trump piece, I have to be filled on what happened only moments ago.

Will Donald Trump be impeached, or sent to prison? 

It's possible.

But what I'm weary of are the Trump supporters who still believe all of his lies despite mounting evidence to suggest otherwise.

I totally get the whole "wearing rose colored glasses" thing because I've been there with ex-boyfriends.

But this is our country!

This is women's healthcare.

This is America, home of the free.

But in the current political climate, it doesn't feel so free.

People who immigrated here with no criminal background are being deported even though Trump promised that he would only focus on the "bad ones."

And let's discuss something else.

Something serious.

Have you read Donald Trump's tweets?

His misspellings ALONE should have cost him the presidency, but it didn't.

As someone who is known to be a law enforcement member of the Grammar Police, Trump should be arrested.

Don't tweet if you can't spell.

Give your phone to a friend.

It may save a life.

You might think I'm making a joke but as the mansplainers like to say ... actually, I'm not.

The truth is that every time Trump tweets something, the divided nation goes on Twitter and bullies each other.

He wanted to make America great again and all he did was make the CEO of Twitter a richer man.

You can't even go online and make a political statement without your news feed blowing up, friends deleting each other, and tables being flipped.

I may have made up that last part but who knows? 

It could happen!

So where are we now? As a country?

Not in a great place.

We're looking at our president, Donald Trump, either being impeached, resigning, or being sent to jail.

What does that mean for us?


We've got Trump jail memes, Trump prison memes, and even Trump impeachment memes.


Because if you can't laugh during a time of crisis, you'll cry.

So laugh/cry with us while you check out the BEST Trump memes on the internet!

How would Trump do in jail? Hmm ...
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Donald Trump or Nixon? Either way, one common thing they WILL both share? Impeachment!
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Donald Trump as Richard Nixon

That prison outfit looks good on you, Trump!
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Donald Trump in prison yard.

Trump For Prison!
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"I do the best treason. Believe me. Nobody betrays his country better than me."

"And they worried about Hillary's private server? ... Hahaha! My private server is The Donald"

Wait! Trump's not in jail yet?!
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"Your face when someone tells you that Trump isn't in jail yet."

Orange IS the new black, Trump!
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"Donald John Trump: I am a sexual predator"

I wonder if Trump will make deals in prison, too.
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"Here's to Donald Trump. May your presidency be short and your prison term long."

I can definitely see Trump in prison IN a year ...
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"Prison in a year TIME. Donald Trump—Groper in Chief of The Divided States of America."

I wonder if Trump can even spell impeachment?
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"Trump is so bad at covering up his own bald head, all the other cover-ups he'll do should make impeachment a breeze."

Haha! I'm peach ... impeach, get it?
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"I'm not orange. I'm peach."

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"Impeach Trump! Because he makes my face look like this."

Don't cry Lady Liberty. Impeachment is coming.
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"What's taking the impeachment so long?"

Don't worry, President Trump. You'll be in jail soon and won't need to know anything, anymore!
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"I have no idea what I'm doing."

In time, my friends. In time ...
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"If Trump spent a day in jail for every lie he told it would be a life sentence."

Where can I buy one?
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"Trump For Prison 2017"

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"Send Trump To Prison ... Make America Smart Again."

For real. And this is why Trump will be going to prison.
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"While you obsessed over emails, I installed a puppet as your president."

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"Impeach Trump 2017. Because we all know he's a con artist."