This Guy Is Suing A Woman For $17 For Texting During Their Movie Date

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This Guy Is Suing A Woman For $17 For Texting During Their Movie Date

I've been on a hellish date or two, but that's not a defining act that makes me some type of unicorn — because, who hasn't?

What can I tell you except that bad dates are just a part of life that you must grin and bear until they're over? Or, if you're ballsy you may text your way through it. Of course, this is rude move is reserved for those who are positive that there's no chance of a second date. 

Then here's the case of the unfortunate woman who went out with the fragile and entitled Brandon Vezmar, a 35-year-old man who is suing the woman who texted 10 to 20 times in a 15-minute timeframe.

When the woman wouldn't stop texting, he suggested that she go outside at which point she did and never returned. 

Through his lawsuit he's seeking repayment for the $17 ticket to see Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2.

While I can understand his frustration as someone who has been on both ends of the totem pole — what in the actual f*ck is going on? 

Vezmar claims "it was kind of a first date from hell," but I would hardly agree especially considering it has landed him on Jimmy Kimmel.

Going on a date where a guy informs you that he'd like to suck a dick? Now that is a first (and last) date from hell.

Going on a date with a guy who believes his manager is tapping his cell phone? That is a date from hell (no matter what order it's in).

Going on a date where the guy licks the plate? That is surely the first date from hell. 

And I haven't even included the first date where the guy not only texted but answered his phone — not once but TWICE — during a movie; yet here I am, surviving without suing for my wasted time (oh yes, those are all dating scenarios I've experienced). 

What is this?

This is another case of men not being able to handle rejection, which I find funny given they always try to make women out to be that character.

This is a lesser example of the man who gets mad that a woman ignores his catcalls and calls her a b*tch or the man who shot the woman who refused to dance with him or the other who refused a marriage proposal

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This is toxic masculinity.

There will never be a day where women will be obligated to fake like you or show interest in you.

Could she have been more polite about her clear disinterest in you or your movie choice? Sure, but it's not mandatory, and instead of just cutting his losses, this man took her to court to prove that it was some type of required behavior on her behalf.

So, if it seems like anyone is sensitive and a bit unhinged when it comes to the opposite sex it is men that have proven to be so time and time again — in the most vicious and illogical ways.

The fees that come with a lawsuit will certainly go over the money that he's seeking for the movie ticket. It's all just a little sensitive and absurd if you ask me. 

Dating in unpredictable and most times it's difficult when you're not consistently dating one person, but instead diving into the cesspool of unknown people.

However, if you can't handle the sometimes inevitable parts of dating, then go get a dog. They're more likely to play nice with you and do so on demand.