If He Does These 10 Things, You're WAY More Than A Fling To Him

He's SO into you.

Does He Like You? 10 Signs You're MORE Than Just A Fling weheartit

1. He’s started a series with you.

He obviously thinks that what he has with you is going to last, so he’s not afraid to begin a television series with you. And that way, he’s got an excuse to keep seeing you every Thursday so he can snuggle up in bed with you and watch Designated Survivor.


2. He doesn’t take hours and hours to reply your texts.

My friend once told me that no one is ever that busy. If he wants to talk to you, he would find the time to, no matter what. Even if it’s to tell you that he’s going to be busy that day and to bear with his lack of communication. If he only ever texts you when it’s convenient for him, he obviously doesn’t care that much about you.


3. He initiates.

He plans dates and he follows through. He surprises you with flowers and your favorite chocolate on the way home from work. He cleans up if you’ve done the cooking. The bottom line is, he doesn’t just sit back and let you take the driver’s seat. He actually wants to do things with you and he isn’t afraid to show you that.


4. He talks about the future.

He’s started talking about seeing you the next weekend, talking about events happening in the following weeks. He isn’t worried to include you in those plans or make other plans with you a few weeks in advance. He clearly views you as more than just a fling if he’s seeing you in his future.


5. He remembers things you’ve mentioned to him in passing.

He remembers when your mother’s birthday is, what your favorite kind of cake is, how you prefer your eggs on toast. You don’t even realize you’ve mentioned these things because it was just a small part of your conversation, but he has mentally taken note of them because what you say matters to him.


6. He wants to see you in the daytime.

He doesn’t just ask to see you after the sun has gone down. He wants to see you during the day, take you out for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, tea. He doesn’t care what time it is; he just wants to make time in his day to see you.

7. He introduces you to his friends and family.


He’s taking you to that beer and pizza night that his group of friends is having on Friday. He’s bringing you along to that family BBQ at his parents’ place. He’s slowly including you more and more into his life. He wants you to be friends with his friends, his sister, his brother and he wants you to be friendly with his parents. He wants them to like you just as much as he does.

8. He puts his phone down.


His nose isn’t always buried in his phone. When you’re out on a date, he puts his phone aside or even leaves it at home because he’s there to listen to you and get to know you, not what his Facebook friends are up to. He doesn’t stare at his screen in bed before you both go to sleep. He’s got his arms around you and you’re having delirious late night pillow talk.

9. He’s got a toothbrush at your place.


He’s left some clothes behind as well. He isn’t bothered that he’s leaving things behind because he knows he’s going to be back again soon.

10. He’s told you.



He’s asked you the big question, the first step. You guys have spoken about it and have made your relationship exclusive. He’s decided to be committed or at least, he’s willing to try. He definitely wants you as more than just a quick fling if he’s willing to put in the effort.