THIS Is What A 'Normal' Amount Of Vaginal Discharge Looks Like (Spoiler: A Lot)

You're gonna be shocked.

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Over the period of a lifetime, I imagine women spend a tremendous amount of time searching for clues in panties.

Mostly because that's my life — playing doctor and freaking the f*ck out.

Ninety percent of the time that freak out is caused by something going wrong with my vagina ... and it usually begins with vaginal discharge.

It never fails! Discharge is the emergency flare of women's gynecological issues (in my mind: the root of all evil) making it easy to forget that some discharge is normal. Moreover, all discharge is not created equal, because our bodies aren't created all the same


There are a variety of reasons you may be having vaginal discharge, but the main one is that it's just life as a person with a vagina. I

t's normal. However, how much vaginal discharge is normal — truly? 

Basically, at what point should I begin to panic at the puss discharge I'm oozing? Well, according to gynecologist and YouTuber Dr. Jen Gunter the "normal" amount of vaginal discharge is four milliliters ... per day.

If you're bad at math, like me, then you'll probably need a visual of what that looks like.


To help us out, Gunter made a video where she pulls out a pad and demonstrates with a syringe filled with yellow-dyed water (BTW, a color your vag discharge should not be, as the doc points out).  

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By the time she finishes squirting the water onto the pad, it appears to be waaay more than anything I've ever seen coming from my vagina, thus giving me license to chill the hell out.

And ladies, that goes for you too! No more losing it at the slightest dollop of discharge gushing from your vagina (unless it's green and gunky, then ring the alarm).


You're welcome! Oh, and thank you, Dr. Gunter, for the peace of mind.