Terrifying Details About The Teen Girl Whose Genitals Were Set On Fire And Filmed By Boys At A Party

Photo: CBC
Teen Girl Erika Young Has Genitals Doused In Flames By Boys Recording On Cell Phone

A young girl from a small town near Winnipeg, Canada is finally speaking out about the pain and suffering she endured back on June 21, 2015.

Erika Young, now 18-years-old, told CBC of her ordeal when she was just 15.

While at her cousins house, Young was invited to a party which she decided to attend; it was there she spotted an old boyfriend, 19-year-old Austin Fourre.

After some drinking, she felt tired and just wanted to lie down.

The owner of the home took her upstairs and placed her on a bed and that is the last thing Young remembers.

According to court records, Fourre heard that Young had been making out with another guy.

Fourre then called two friends, a 17-year-old male and Young's very new boyfriend of 3 days, a 15-year-old male.

Young and another male had been sleeping in the bed and was completely passed out when the 3 males entered and began calling the pair names.

One of the males took an Old Spice body deodorant and sprayed the genital area of Young's jeans, then took a lighter to it. 

The small flame was taken care of by another male in the room who told the other guys to knock it off before he left to have a cigarette.

But after having some laughs, they decided to try again.

This time, after pulling out their cell phone to record, they used the body spray and the lighter as a blowtorch toward Young's jeans and she woke up.

The young male who was having a cigarette came back and helped put out the flames.

Photo Credit: CBC

Erika Young spent three weeks in the hospital, went through 3 surgeries and multiple skin crafts due to the severity of the burns.

Young told CBC, “When I got out, they gave me lots of bandaging and lots of medical tape, just things to take home to heal more in the comfort of my own home, I guess … After I was fully healed, I started doing better for myself and I was succeeding at everything I wanted to succeed in. I had a better relationship with my mom. I just started doing really good for myself and I just didn't think of myself as anything different.”

Austin Fourre was convicted of aggravated assault and sentenced to 2.5 years in prison. 

The outcomes of the charges against the other males were not released due to their age.

Donna Young, Erika's mother said, "You never think anything like this would happen in a small town, where everybody knows everybody … I don't know how people could have the joy of videotaping someone … I can't fathom what they were thinking at the time of watching someone burn. It's absolutely horrific.”

Erika doesn't want this one incident to define her.

She is almost done with high-school then plans to attend University for veterinary studies.

"Life goes on, I guess. I just didn't want to stay mad forever. I didn't want to hold on to the past, I guess. I just wanted to do better with everything … I think that when things happen, good or bad, you learn from it. You're either happy or you're sad and I chose not to be sad after my healing process.”

Erika's positive attitude is inspiring. 

However, the increase in recorded and live streamed crimes is not only perplexing, but troubling. 

A young girl or woman should be able to feel safe living her life. 

We can't keep allowing these criminals to get such lenient sentences and expect change to happen.

Fiorre, the ring leader in this particular incident, has to spend less than 3 years of his life behind bars.

But how long will Erika suffer in her own prison?

Her body will never be the same.

Her mind will never be the same.

Her entire life will never be the same.

Change starts with us.

One person at a time.

The moral and ideals you expect from others should also be your own.

Erika, and other women like Erika, need us to make a change.

Your sister is Erika.

Your mother is Erika.

Your daughter is Erika.

YOU are Erika.

Let's do this.