These 25 Funny Memes About Smoking Weed Are TOTALLY Relatable ... And True

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These 25 Funny Pot Smoking Memes Are SO Relatable ... And True!

Do you smoke weed everyday?

Are you a total pot head?

Do you enjoy getting high more than just occasionally?


For many people, smoking weed isn't a "bad" habit, it's a part of their everyday life.

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Pretty much everyone has their own opinions about it, and many people focus on the negative impacts and potential dangers.


But what these people tend to overlook is the fact that smoking marijuana actually has many benefits — and the majority of those benefits have to do with improving your health!

According to an article in Business Insider, some of the heath benefits associated with marijuana use include:

  • Increased control of epileptic seizures.
  • Decreased depression and anxiety.
  • Slowed progression of Alzheimer's disease.
  • Soothed tremors for people with Parkinson's disease.
  • Increased sex drive for people struggling with a low libido.

The list goes on and, but as you can see weed truly does help people.


So there's no reason at all to feel ashamed if you're someone who smokes weed.

If there are people around you who try to put you down for it, f*ck them. That's their problem.

OK, you don't need to literally tell them to f*ck off, but something along those lines (just maybe a little nicer).


Seriously, you don't need that negativity in your life. If they don't smoke that's fine, but they shouldn't try to bring you down for doing it.

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Be a proud and happy pothead. If you want to smoke weed every day, just do it!


Just be aware that there still could be some consequences.

Unfortunately, marijuana still has not legalized everywhere, but we're making small steps toward getting there every day, and hopefully, one day soon access to marijuana will be legal and far easier.

But for now, if you do smoke just be aware of where and when you're doing it.

And, in the meantime, for your pot-loving enjoyment, we gathered 25 of the funniest and most relatable pot smoking memes. Have fun!

All day, everyday!

pot smoking memes

"I don't always smoke pot, but when I do it's everyday."

There is nothing better!

weed memes

"There is nothing like smoking weed after a long day of smoking weed."

Guilty as charged!

weed memes

"You said you were a major pot head. The lie detector determined that was true, in fact your blood type is THC."

Pretty small list if you ask me!

weed memes

"A list of reasons why you should stop smoking weed."

Who says you can't have both!

weed memes

"You can succeed and smoke weed."

A little dab never hurt anybody!

weed memes

"I just need a few dabs of oil and I'll be fine."

Or then again...maybe not.

weed meme

"Oh, you don't smoke weed? You must be a person of superior moral caliber."

Surround yourself with positive vibes only!

weed memes

"I don't have time to hate people who hate weed, cause I'm too busy smoking with people who love weed."

No, actually it's not.

weed memes

"That face you make when people say weed is bad for you."

Who's really losing here?

weed memes

"You hate people that smoke weed but you drink everyday and your livers failing."

And still going strong!

weed memes

"Some of my strongest friendships started with a blunt."


weed memes

"When you bake yourself and not the pizza."

I knew it!!

weed memes

"Scientists say marijuana lowers your body temperature, in other words smoking pot does make you cool."

You make a very valid point!

weed memes

"Friend: Wanna smoke more?

Me: I'm already high.

Friend: But you can get higher.

Me: You got me there."

I have no idea! That's so weird...

weed memes

"Why does it smell like weed in your room?"

I see the start of a beautiful friendship!

weed memes

"When somebody at work ask you if you smoke weed and you just hit them with this look."

Weed is life.

weed memes

"I'm high on life and weed, mostly weed, though."

I know that smell!!

weed memes

"When someone walks by you smelling like weed."

It's an even balance!

weed memes

"I'm not smoking any more, but I ain't smoking any less."

Yep! Exactly.

weed memes

"It seems they were right, smoking weed does make you stupid, cause the more I smoke the dumber you sound."

How could you?!

weed memes

"When your friends smoke weed without you."


There's nothing else like it!

weed memes

"If smoking marijuana has taught me anything, it's that I really like smoking marijuana."

Only in my dreams!

weed memes

"You get a bag of weed. You get a bag of weed. You all get a bag of weed!"

Willie knows best!

weed memes

"Marijuana is like sex. If I don't get it everyday, I get a headache." -Willie Nelson

Stay elevated!!

weed memes

"Don't worry, don't cry, smoke weed, and fly."