Meet The Twins Who Sleep Suggestively With Toys — And Then Sell The Toys For $$$

Photo: Instagram.com/the_kaplan_twins
twins pose naked on Instagram with toys

Well, that's one way to make a living.

A lot of things get passed off as art these days. And why not? The value of art really is determined by how much someone is willing to pay for it, right?

I mean, ANYTHING can be art, even two beautiful twins who pose naked and take suggestive photos with toys. 

Meet the Kaplan Twins, sisters from New Jersey who moved to LA to become artists.

Photo: Instagram.com/the_kaplan_twins

Their latest art project, Boy Toys, is an Instagram-only venture that involves the sisters posing suggestively with children’s toys. They post the photos on Instagram and are selling them for over $300 a piece, more than 100 times what they paid for them.

Is it art? Are these girls geniuses? And is this project inherently feminist? The project and the twins have been raising a ton of questions within the art community.

Photo: Daily Mail

In a recent interview with Vice, the Kaplan Twins go into detail about their art project.

Considering themselves to be pop artists, the twins say that they saw a space in the art world that needed to be filled. Similar to Andy Warhol, an artist who is also a famous figure, it doesn’t seem to exist in today’s world.

Hoping to fill that void, the twins have taken to Instagram to get the word out about not only their art but also themselves. Hailing from the east coast, the girls felt that the art community in New York City was set in its ways, so they came to LA where they felt that more was possible.

In the past, they’ve created a lot of artwork that depicts celebrity sex scandals. One of their pieces, a recreation of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, was actually bought by PornHub for their office.

Photo: Instagram.com/the_kaplan_twins

It was this Kim K. painting that actually got the attention of Matty Mo, who goes by the name The Most Famous Artist. Starting his career in Silicon Valley, he eventually was shunned after photos of him drunk on a beach in India surfaced on the internet.

Now, he has started what he calls an "art incubator," where he invites artists that he feels have potential. After finding the Kaplan Twins online, he asked them to move into the space.

Matty Mo says that he helped them discover that posing naked with the toys would help them integrate themselves into the world, after the girls noticed that photos of them got more likes than their art.

Photo: Instagram.com/the_kaplan_twins

While the feminists out there may be excited by the project, the Kaplan Twins say that it isn’t their intention to fight for feminism. Whether it comes off feminist or not, the girls say that they do it because it is inherently part of their culture.

They have been having great success with the project, selling all seven of the toys on Instagram within 72 hours. While they’ve pulled in quite a lot of earnings, their business arrangement with The Most Famous Artist requires them to split the earnings three ways.

Photo: Instagram.com/the_kaplan_twins

During the Vice interview, the buyer of the Batman toy, a German art collector, was asked why he made the purchase. He said that it had a lot less to do with the seductive photos of the twins, as he has a wife and children, and more to do with an investment factor.

He seems to believe that the twins will be quite famous some day, making his initial investment in the Batman toy worth a lot more money. Whether or not they end up as the Andy Warhols of this generation is a mystery, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if they pulled it off.