There Are People Who Have Sex With Bees (Because Humans Are Weird)

This puts that Snapchat filter into a whole new light.

Bee Sex — Melissophilia Is The Latest Sex Fetish weheartit

You might have wondered why there is a bee filter on Snapchat. Or, perhaps, you think the world has suddenly changed and is really going to hell in a handbasket.

But what you might not know is that bee sex is a sexual fetish that has been around since ancient Greece. 

Yes, you heard right, bee sex.

This isn't your ordinary conversation about how babies are made. Melissophilia is an actual sexual attraction and arousal felt by a person toward bees and the desire to have sex with them.


But the fetish isn't limited to only bees. Melissophilia technically includes any insect with a stinger — from bees to wasps and — is considered to be a specific kind of zoophilia (sexual attraction to animals).

The term Melissophilia actually means "honey bee" and "love" in ancient Greek. 


According to Mark Griffiths, professor of gaming Studies at Nottingham Trent University and director of the International Gaming Research Unit, bee stings were used as a male sexual organ enlargement. 

The first recorded mention of insects as a tool for penis enlargement was in the ancient Hindu Kama Sutra. The stings reportedly gave men a boost in penis girth, according to the book Everything You Know About Sex Is Wrong by Russ Kick.

But recently, there's a new interest in actually having intercourse with bees. If you're wondering how exactly this takes place, hold on, let me explain it to you:



The bees are caught and placed into a jar. While in the jar, the jar is shaken to make the bee dizzy (and, I'd imagine, angry).

The disoriented bees are held by their wings and placed on a naked sexual organ of the human and gentle pressed to encourage a sting. The area can swell and the sensitivity caused by the sting supposedly enhances the orgasm.

Sure, it's painful (we're told) but there are plenty of people who like their pleasure served up with a helping of pain.


Scary thought: Having an allergic reaction and ending up in the ER having to explain what happened.


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