If He Doesn't Do These 18 Things, Is He Even Really Your Boyfriend?

We love 'em, but sometimes we hate 'em.

18 Things EVERY Boyfriend Should Do For His Girlfriend pexels

Let's face it, not every relationship is the same. But there are certain things in each relationship that are universal. 

Are you two even really dating if he doesn't:

1. Constantly lay on your hair, ripping it all out of your skull.

2. Insist that you pick what's for dinner, but then argue's with every choice you throw out there.

3. Automatically freaks out assuming you're pregnant every time you don't feel well.


4. Send a short text referencing only ONE part of your long meaningful text, which you poured your heart and soul into.

5. Or if he just sends "OK" back to a text you have sent. 

6. Throw his clothes on the floor... next to the hamper. Not in it.

7. Ramble on and on about things you have absolutely 0 knowledge or interest in. (Ex: work, cars, science...)

8. Says they don't want anything from Starbucks, but then steals your drink.


9. Automatically assume you're upset because of your period, not because he messed up.

10. Leave the toilet seat up for you to fall into later on that day.

11. Indirectly asks you to do things for him. Because ACTUALLY, you would discredit his 'manhood'

12. Tell you to calm down about things they consider 'not to be a big deal'

13. Looks at his phone while you were talking to him, then reply "What?"

14. Acts like he isn't the clingy type around his friends. When you know good and well he is 10x cheesier and more clingy than you.

15. Always insists on driving. Because you know... women can't drive.

16. Asks if you are going to finish your food. 

17. Become your BFF when you talk about drama. 'Girl said what? OH NO, SHE DIDN'T!'


18. Insist he loves you more, but we all know who loves who more.

If he does these things, keep him close. Even after he does all these weird things on a daily basis, you still love him and love all his flaws and quirks. 

Plus, there's probably a list double this size in the things that you do.