Falling? Flying? Dying? 19 Most Common Dream Interpretation Questions—Answered!

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Ultimate guide to dream interpretation

Nothing is worse than being woken up from an awesome dream! You wonder what could have happened, or what might have happened all day.

It's frustrating not to know what a dream means.Why else would your mind hold on to the memory of your dreams if they there wasn't a reason?

I know that it completely throws me off guard when I've had a vivid dream only to have it come to memory when the exact thing I dreamed happened in real life.

A year before I met my husband, I had been in an off-and-on relationship and wasn't sure if the relationship was best for me. The stress gave me serious sleep deprivation. One night, after journaling, I fell into a deep sleep and had an extremely vivid dream that awoken my senses in a way that they had never been alerted before.

I was standing at a fork in a dirt road. Both paths looked the same, but one was darker than the other. Suddenly, a garden and a rippling brook appeared. I followed the stream. It led me deeper inside to a flowery center where there was a golden gazebo covered with butterflies. A redheaded female angel, glistening in purple, red and gold, reached out a silky hand to me. When she extended her hand, it shimmered. Her entire presence drew me closer to her. It felt magnetic; I had to touch her. The moment our fingers met, she placed golden numbers in my hand and then pointed toward a fork in the road, directing me to a path.

Not only did I wake up feeling as though I knew her — I truly believed she was revealing to me something about my future. The only thing was, I didn't know what the message meant! All I had were symbols.

Amazingly, I didn't know what those dream symbols meant until I saw the same numbers on the door of my future husband's childhood home. And, as it turns out his kind mother — who had passed away the month of my dream — was a redhead!

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Now, I realize my own dream experience is extraordinary, but the fact remains true. When a person has a vivid dream, they have a lasting memory that feels like reality. It's hard not to believe that the dream isn't an imprint of things to come.

Don't just write your dream down and dwell in the mystery of it all day. It's much more fun to find out what your dream means!

Besides, there are tons of religious and historical stories where persons were influenced or inspired to invent or solve problems with the help of dream interpretation. If it's good enough for the ancients, that's good enough for me — even if it's just for fun!

Why not get to the bottom of the last dream that made you break into a sweat and gave you insomnia?


The universe must be trying to tell you something. Go ahead, listen, and figure it out.

We've rounded up 19 of the most common dream symbols and their interpretations to help you along your way:

1. What does it mean when you dream about falling?


If you've ever had your leg kick out while falling asleep in an unexpected place, like a classroom, or even an office waiting for a friend, you know how dreadful this feeling can be.

For some people, falling in a dream is exponentially worse. Falling from the top of a building or down a deep hole can leave you shaken up for days.

But, here's the deal — falling in a dream symbolizes a loss of control in a situation. If you are falling backward, you may have missed a bad situation where you would have been hurt. If you fall forward, or in a free fall, your dream means that your fears are not holding you back and you are open to new possibilities.

2. What does it mean when you dream about getting married to someone?


You might not even be in a committed relationship, so what does this kind of dream mean? Symbolically, marriage is a life changing event, and to dream about getting married means change is about to take place.

To get married in a dream symbolizes commitment to a situation. If you have been struggling with identity issues, getting married in a dream could be your subconscious mind trying to reunite the fragmented parts of your conscious self.

However, if the dream is of an arranged marriage by force, then you might be faced with a decision to choose when you don't want to, and your mind is working to resolve the matter and prepare itself.

3. What does dream about losing teeth mean?


More than a reminder that it's time to restock on toothbrushes schedule your next dental appointment, a dream about teeth is not only spiritual, it's a dream of self.

If in your dream you lose a single tooth, that could mean that you about to gain wisdom and insight into a situation or person.

If your dream is about losing several teeth and then getting false teeth, that could mean that you are not being honest with yourself or others.

4. What does it mean when you dream about flying?


Flying in a dream is one of the most common of all dreams. Dreaming that you are flying is a type of lucid dream — where the mind is not fully asleep or fully awake.

In a flying dream, your mind is taking control of the dream, and so this type of dream symbolizes being in control of the things around you. Flying dreams symbolize freedom, escaping what is undesirable, and even overcoming obstacles.

5. What does it mean when you dream about snakes?


Yikes, scary! Unless, of course, if you love snakes, then, yeah! Depending on what you feel toward snakes, your dream could have a positive or negative meaning for you.

If you dream that you are being bitten by a snake, but healed, the dream could mean that you are facing difficult circumstances. If you are afraid of snakes, seeing one in your dream is an indicator that danger might be headed your way.

If you feel fear when seeing the snake, the dream could be an omen to avoid temptation, trusting friends that are unknown enemies, or even a relationship you wanted but needs to end.

6. What does it mean when you dream about being chased?


You don't have to go out and buy a new pair of running shoes, although a little cardio might be good for your heart. Still, no one likes to be chased, and that's even truer in a dream.

If you dream you are being chased, there's a good chance that lately you don't feel in control of your life, and you've thought about ditching it all. In fact, a chasing dream can give you a real insight into the situations you want to escape from, and what fears are rooted in making the change.

If you have this type of dream, consider what you might be trying to avoid, or where in your life you're closed off to change.

7. What does it mean when you dream about being pregnant or dream you are giving birth?


Because women nurture life inside them, a dream about being pregnant could be your mind telling you that you need more time to be creative.

Or the dream could be reminding you of a goal or accomplishment you put to the side in your life but subconsciously wish you'd achieved.

If you dream about actually giving birth to a baby, you may be on the verge of a new beginning.

8. What does it mean when you dream about dying or that you died?



After the feeling of gratitude settles in from realizing your death dream was just that, a dream, you can learn how to use this one to your advantage.

As frightening as it can be to dream that you are dying, it's actually a great dream to have. So, don't let it get your insomnia worked up.

Dying in a dream means that a part of you is being released and opening up to a part of you that will be renewed. Sometimes, dreams where you see yourself dying are precursors to open your subconscious mind to the possibility of the next step in a decision you need to make, but really don't want to.

Dying in a dream might also be a little bit of a reminder that things have seasons, and your personhood is one of those things that will and should change.

9. What does it mean when you dream you kissed someone.


Puckering up in a dream is no fun when the person you kissed was not someone you loved. Yet, longing for intimacy and closeness in a sensual way is the root of this dream's meaning.

Dreaming of kissing someone who you know, but who you shouldn't ever kiss doesn't necessarily mean that you need to be worried.

You might feel guilty, but your mind isn't betraying you or making you do something wrong. Instead, it's alerting you to action in your life.

For example, if the kiss is forced on you, then you might feel like there's a decision being made on your behalf that you don't want. If the kiss came as a surprise, your dream might mean that there is a situation where you will be caught off guard, so be aware of your emotions when it does.

In dreams where the kiss is welcomed but unexpected, your mind could be letting you know that you're ready to face the self-doubt in life.

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10. What does it mean when you dream you speak a different language?


Speaking in tongues and understanding what you are saying in a dream has a spiritual meaning that some faiths would call a call to prophesy.

In a symbolic way, dreams, where you speak in a new language, means that you are about to embark on a major life change. You might be looking at a move in the future, either in career or in living circumstances. Or, your dream could also mean that you are interested in travel and ready to explore! Get planning!

11. What does it mean when you dream about your ex?


Although the culprit to this dream can be his last late night drunk test, a broken heart can also trigger a dream of this type. However, I can't promise you that this type of dream means you'll be together once again, if that's what you want.

I can tell you that this is your mind looking to heal itself. One thing that we never fully get the chance to do after a breakup is have all our "what if" questions answered. They don't have to be, and that's the entire point of this dream.

Your mind is trying to resolve and process the loss, and in time, help your awake self feel better at the end of a relationship that meant something to you.

12. What does it mean when you dream about dogs? 


f you're a dog lover, or not, seeing a furry friend in a dream has deep meaning that roots itself in all that the canine-human relationship symbolize in daily life. Friendship, loyalty, and companionship are the symbolic meanings of a happy dog dream.

But if the dog in the dream bit you, or growled, the dream is a warning that there are reasons for you to put your guards up. There might even be a traitor in your midst!

13. What does it mean when you dream about a cat? 



A cat dream can be a purr-fect one to have. What's important in a feline friend dream is the color of the cat. Color is important in a cat dream since it reveals what type of feelings are associated with the symbol.

A black cat dream can be interpreted that fear is in your life, and if that cat is biting or clawing you, your fear is holding you back.

A white cat symbolizes that you are in a stage of innocence and fresh starts. A cat that is friendly is your psychic and intuitive coming to nurture you.

If it purrs, it's time to be more mindful and savor this stage of your life.


14. What does it mean when you dream about a bird?


A feathery visitor during a dream is a symbol of going on your own and being free. The type of bird you saw reveals more about what this particular dream means.

A falcon or eagle means you are reaching or going to be setting out for new goals. If the bird brings you a feather, or you find a feather, that means that you are feeling comfort in your current situation.

A dead bird dream can be interpreted as disappointments are up ahead.

If the bird is laying eggs and you get them, you might have money coming to you soon.

If the bird is building a nest, you are entering a new stage of independence.

15. What does it mean if you dream about running?


It's one thing to be chased in a dream and feel out of control, but it's another thing to dream that you are running. To run in a dream means you are taking control of a situation and gaining strength.

Running is still moving away from a situation but it can also mean a power move. Emotions are essential to interpreting this dream.

If you felt guilty or overwhelmed, running could symbolize escaping responsibility. If you feel free, then the dream is a good one— it means you know what to do to be free.

16. What does it mean when you dream about a lion?


Everyone loves a lion, but what does a lion in a dream symbolize? This dream interpretation is not too difficult to make since the lion is the perfect representation of strength, courage, and power.

If you dreamed you were laying down with a lion, you are protected by those around and feel secure.

If you are running with a lion, you are learning how to regain a sense of power and strength.

If you are battling a lion, it's a reminder to dig into your inner strength and grow in courage.

17. What does it mean if you dream about fish?


Some claim that to dream of fish means you are going to get pregnant or that you are going to try to get pregnant. A fish dream might also mean that ideas, beliefs, problems, or concerns will be brought to the surface of your awareness.

If there are plenty of fish in the dream, you will have an abundance of challenges.

Fish are associated with spiritual beliefs, and if you see a fish swimming away, you might be questioning your belief system.

18. What does it mean if you dream about a car? 


Fast and furious or slow and methodic are two ways that a driving dream can go down. If you're on the driver's side, you are in control of your life, but if you are on the passenger side, you might be in a stage where you want someone to take control.

The type of car you're in while in a driving dream can reveal how you feel about your current life status or finances.

If your car breaks down in the middle of a drive, it doesn't matter if you're in a sports car or mini-van, your dream can be interpreted as symbolizing it's time to take a rest, no matter where you're headed.

19. What does it mean when you dream about a house? 


Probably one of the strangest dreams is one where you're in a house going from room to room and the floors or stairways open to reveal new rooms.

The space that you find yourself in a house type dream is important because a house is a symbol for your subconscious mind as a whole.

The basement of a home is where your deepest thoughts are located. So, if your house dream takes place in the basement, your mind is opening up information to you about your subconscious self.

To find yourself peering around in the attic, could be more about forgotten memories and a time that you may feel nostalgic about.

A bedroom dream is more intimate than a dream in a living room where social engagement with family can take place.

If you're in the kitchen, you might be feeling the need for some nurture. However, the condition of the house should be considered.

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A run-down house can symbolize feelings of neglect, a well-kept house, feelings of self-care.