This Crazy Device Lets You Know When Someone's Attracted To You

For when your wing man or wing woman are not around.

The New Ripple Device Lets You Know When Someone's Flirting With You Getty Images

Relationships can be complicated, but want to know what's even more complicated than being in one? Flirting!

It's hard to tell if someone is giving you a stink eye, or a let-me-love-you glance when you're out on the town hoping to meet someone one new. But, you may not have to miss any future signals when someone is single and looking to mingle with you.

Typically, that's what your wing woman is meant to do when you go out together. But she can't always be there. Or maybe she's too busy hitting up her own guys.


So, for all those times you've casually walked around the nightclub, or a bar with hopes to spot someone you like, and even better, is attracted to you, too, you might be able to lean on more than friends and intuition.

There's a new wearable device in the works to test just how mutual those glances are.

Four London-based designers involved in the Innovation Design Engineering joint double masters course at Imperial College London and The Royal College of Artis hope that Ripple, a sensory wearable will make flirting in public easier.

When it "ripples," you know that someone is interested in you!


The makers describe how it works

“Ripple is a wearable extension of your body for the future of dating, which calculates who in a room is attracted to you. When it finds someone, it gives you sensorial feedback, reflecting the excitement you feel when meeting someone special. If the attraction is mutual then it’s tentacles will move in reaction to their gaze, amplifying the language of seduction between the two people.”

The way it works can be viewed on this video:

The designers recognize how technology has created a need to help people who are immersed in digital life despite being out in the public, recognize flirtatious signals that others give when around them when attracted.


In other words, all that time we spend interacting behind screens has seriously affected our in-real-life observation skills, and this new wearable can help!

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Of course, who would want to wear one of those things out in public? Perhaps, no one.

But if you're out of a wing woman and not afraid to spruce up your outfit in public, this might actually be for you!

Hopefully, they will come up with a way to turn Ripples into less noticeable things like earrings, or bracelets to avoid being obvious that you're looking for love.


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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted on April 14, 2017 and was updated with the latest information.