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The Brutal, Unfiltered TRUTH About What Guys Think About Your Boobs

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With the (often unattainable) portrayal of women's bodies in the media, feeling self-conscious about your own body and how it compares is all too easy. And since it's a little (okay... a LOT) uncomfortable when you notice guys staring at your chest, it's easy to forget that most of the time they're sneaking a glance in admiration.

It'd be pretty awkward to go ahead and ask a guy what he's thinking when he looks at your boobs. But it's your lucky day: we asked them for you!

So what DO guys think about your boobs? Well...

1. Guys don't want you feeling self-conscious about your boobs.

"Dear women: Please don't be self-conscious about your breasts. As a guy, I am confident that you have nothing to worry about :)"

2. The size of your boobs doesn't matter.

"As a guy may I ask, why do big boobs and small boobs matter? Boobs are boobs are boobs, and they are all FANTASTIC."

3. Guys love them so much, some of them even wish they... had their own?

"Sometimes, as a guy, I wish I had my own boobs because they're the best."

4. Some guys prefer small boobs.

"I love it when a girl's boobs are no bigger than a handful."

5. For some guys, big boobs are a turn-off.

"I'm grossed out when a girl's boobs are bigger than her head."

6. Don't let your post-baby body bum you out.


"When a woman's boobs deflate after kids? Hottest thing in the world to me. No idea why."

7. Your imperfections are perfect.

"I absolutely adore when a woman's boobs/nipples are different sizes or asymmetrical. It makes them unique and rare, therefore special imo."

8. Honestly, guys really don't care what your boobs look like.

"I know most guys have their own preferences on boobs, but to me I like them all no matter how they look."

9. Boobs > butts. 

"I may be in a minority here but I like a girl's boobs much more than I like her butt."

10. You can even forget about boob jail!

"I like girls with small boobs who don't wear bras."

11. Big boobs are also gorgeous.

"I LOVE big boobs. Sometimes the size of a girl's boobs determine whether I want her as a girlfriend or not."

12. So your boobs sag a little? No problem!

"Don't know why people think saggy boobs are gross. If you're young and they sag it means they are big and heavy. That's perfect to me as a guy."

13. There's no 'perfect' sized set of boobs.

"As a guy I prefer girls with boobs from the A cup to C cup range. Anything after that really kinda is a turnoff."

14. If you're getting a boob job to impress a guy, don't!

"As a guy, I have to say real boobs are so much better than fake boobs."

15. Guys realize your boobs are more than just for sex.

"I may be the weirdo here but boobs do nothing for me sexually. Yes, I'm a guy."

16. Small boobs are fine! 

"As a man, I feel like I'm weird because I like smaller boobs."

17. Small boobs are sexy.

"I get weird looks when people find out I think small boobs are sexy, but I can't help it. I like what I like and they're what get me going."

18. Guys love small boobs.

"I've always dated women with big boobs, but I think small boobs are way more sexy."

19. Guys love big boobs, too!

"As a guy, nothing is sexier to me than really big boobs."

20. Guys wish you'd stop worrying about your cup size.

"As a guy who is a fan of smaller boobs, I find it hilarious and silly that girls are overly worried about their size lol."

21. They'll take what they can get.

"Boobs are like socks. As a guy, yeah you want the best pair you can find, but you'll settle for damn near anything when it comes down to it."