How To Get $15 Birth Control Delivered To Your Door Without Insurance Or A Doctor

Introducing NURX.

This New Nurx App Delivers Birth Control To Your Door For $15 Unsplash 

When the powers of feminism and technology unite, we have this awesome new app that delivers birth control right to your door! What will the world think of next?

The world is notorious for making things difficult for women, especially when it comes to our reproductive rights. I mean, with Planned Parenthood facing defunding and the general difficulties that come with health care coverage, it can be difficult for us girls to obtain birth control.


I mean, ladies are out there trying to be responsible and do the right things, but are met with obstacles again and again. But NURX is a new app operating in California, New York, Washington D.C, Washington State, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

Without a visit to a doctor and without insurance, NURX will deliver birth control right to your door for a starting price of $15.

Pretty much lowering ALL of the barriers that stand between women and birth control, NURX is offering a sense of freedom to women around the country. In order to sign up, you must fill out an application that requires your shipping information, the brand that you use or wish to use, and some personal health questions.


A doctor in your state will then review the application and help you get the brand of birth control that is best for you. If you don’t have insurance, the company works to find you something affordable, as low as $15 even! If you do have insurance, the birth control is often free or comes at the rate of your co-pay. Delivery is free and the company tries to send three months of birth control at a time.

What better way to stay in control of your reproductive rights than having your birth control delivered just as easily as all of your junk mail? And by cutting out the actual doctor visit, it can save women a whole lot of money and time each year.

This calls for a little celebration as this is one step forward for women’s reproductive rights! 

Nurx - OC from Hans Gangeskar on Vimeo