50 Hilarious Sex Memes We Can't Get Enough Of

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If you think about it, human intercourse is a pretty odd thing. There are all these rituals and procedures that people go through before engaging in sex. You know, the thing that supposedly makes you feel close to your partner?


Everyone is familiar with a courtship phase that later leads to action in the bedroom. This might include a date, dinner, or a simple invitation to “Netflix and chill.”

And everyone has heard of those mixed morning-after feelings that people get when they come home after bedding someone. These feelings can range from satisfaction to regret. And nothing quite sums it up like memes. The best sex memes are realistic, relatable, and pretty blunt about the reality of sex.


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But sex is actually pretty darn weird — and these memes prove it.

Here are 50 of the funniest sex memes to send to your friends.

1. It happens every time.


"How you look at your girl 20 minutes into 'Netflix and chill'"

2. 'Netflix and chill' seems like a popular one.

"When he start kissing the neck before Netflix even loads"


3. When opportunities arise, take them.

"Bae: come over

Me: but I'm a cactus

Bae: my parents aren't home

Me: "

4. When they expect too much...


"Dudes love telling a woman how they like to see her in matching bra and panty sets, but be walking around in these."

5. When you try to strike a fair balance.

"When you try to be sweet but you're still a pervert."


6. No doubt this is what bae wants for Valentine's Day.

"When bae asks me what do I want for Valentine's Day / Dat A**"

7. Guys can get clever.


"When she says she likes intelligent guys..."

8. F***boys try way too hard.

F***boy: wyd

Me: about to have an anxiety attack

F***boy: without me ;)

9. Wow, such conflicting desires.


Me: I love a man who can be assertive and take charge

Also me: 'Who the f*** are you talking to, first of all.'

10. When he finally texts you.

"When he wants you to do all those nasty things you sexted to him when you were bored and lonely."


11. This is the worst situation possible.

"Write a sad story in 4 words: 'I shaved for nothing.'"

12. A phrase that can make you go insane.


"When you shave everything and exfoliate your entire body for an 'Actually what about tomorrow night?'"

13. More Netflix and chill, right?

"When he says Netflix and chill but you walk in and he ain't even got a TV."


14. You're no Shakespeare.

"When she says 'go deeper' but you've run out of poems."

15. Round two, anyone?


"When you almost died during round one and he ask if you ready for round two."

16. When you catch feelings...

"When she's watching him go get the towel thinking to herself 'hmmm maybe he is different from the rest.'"


17. Women are always stuck waiting for the towel.

"When you're waiting for him to come back with a towel."

18. Don't tell me what to do!


"When he start yelling too many instructions while y'all having sex: 'Now flip over... on your side... turn around... look at me..."

19. There's no shortage of guys like this.

"I honestly think I already have feelings for you... How do you feel about me?


Lol you wildin', wyd though?

20. Raunchy movies hit the spot.

Him: Let's make a sex tape.

Her: Hmm... sounds freaky... OK I'm down.

Him: Sweet! I'll get the pumpkin... you film it.


21. There's always that one person with a collection.

"When he ask if you have any sex toys: I've got gadgets and gizmos aplenty."

22. When you're single AF.


"Every day in the shower: who am I shaving my legs for?"

23. Does it need to be spelled out?

"When you come in the room and your girl is dropping mad nonverbal hints that she wants to catch the D."


24. Don't be afraid to ask for more.

Her: My gynecologist says I can't have sex for 2 weeks.

Him: What did your dentist say?'

25. When you get surprised...


"When y'all just chillin' and he suddenly whip it out."

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26. When you accidentally hurt his feelings...


Me: Just play with it or somn till it get hard again.

Her: Ew no

Me: (sad face)

27. When you shave just in case.

"Me: This is the first date. I'm going to be a young lady with manners and I won't kiss him that evening!


Also me: Shave, safety first."

28. When you get freaky...

"After you've done something too freaky and you tryna figure out what you've become."

29. When you try to dress up.


"When you roll up to his crib wit ya sexist outfit on and see his whole squad over."

30. When he's mature...

Her: I haven't shaved.

Him: Girl I'm a grown a** man iont care nun bout no damn hair.'


31. You got it!

"When bae says warm up dinner."

32. This is how you spend the night.


Cashier: Woah, big plans tonight?

Me: Shut the hell up Susan and do your job.

33. Your innocent friend isn't so innocent.

"When your 'innocent' friend says something dirty out of nowhere."


34. When you get a text from bae...

"When you receive something nasty but you're around people."

35. When you want to talk.


Bae: baby let's role play

Me: okay

Bae: *ties me to bed*

Bae: now that you can't move, I just think it's funny how...

36. Maybe you shouldn't have had the hookup??


"When you had secret sex with a person and they start liking all your photos and commenting under all your posts.."

37. It's the quiet ones you need to look out for.


"When they quite and shy on the outside but really they packin heat."

38. Why are they so intense!?

No one:

Pornhub ads: You won't last 3 minutes playing this


39. When it's a whole new day.

"When you text someone at night on some freaky mood and they reply well into the morning trying to continue: 'The sun is out, I'm pure again.'"


40. Desperate do as Desperate does.

"Day 43 without sex: You up?"

41. Thank goodness for gray sweatpants!

Dude in gray sweatpants: Hi

You: Yes. The penis.

42. I just need some sleep!

"Me: *trying to get a good night sleep*: Horny thoughts vs. anxiety"

43. Be classy about it.

Choke me daddy.

Restrict my airflow father.

44. Make that money.

"Pornhub gives you 38K for a homemade video... if ya'll see my a** on there mind your business"

45. It's important, though.

You make me smile.

And also super horny, but that's not the point.

46. For the shy ones...

"I wanna f*** but I'm too shy to ask you so I'm sending you this meme instead."

47. Maybe we do want to wake the dragon.

"When you're spooning and she pushes her bum up on you and you're like: You don't want to wake the dragon do you?'

48. When she's silent...

"When your girlfriend is silent during sex: Do the roar."

49. What a sweet gesture!

"When you're having sex and your head keeps slamming into the wall so he puts a pillow up to help you."

50. The dilemma is real.

"When she sick of you but miss the sex: Put yo d*** on the phone."

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