11 Sex Slang Words You Never Thought You'd Need To Know

Anyone care for a little 'Truffle Butter' with your 'Hotline Bling'?

11 Sex Slang Terms: What Truffle Butter & Hotline Bling Mean Getty

Some of the most popular sex slang words and terms are equal parts hilarious and cringe-inducing.

Check out what your naughty friends are saying to find out if you're in the know regarding their definitions and meanings.

We're warning you now, some of the meanings of some of these terms are worthy of a brow raise (at the very least).

Here are 11 sex terms and slang words you may not know:

1. Postboned

Definition: When you are running late because of an unexpected sexual encounter.


Example: "So sorry I got postboned. I'm on my way into the office now."

2. Side Chick

Definition: Side chick is this generation's term for "the other woman" or "mistress." She's a girl who has a relationship with someone while that person is already in a relationship with someone else.

Example: "I thought Bernadette was dating him, but it turns out she's just his side chick. That's sketchy."

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3. Snatchchat

Definition: A naked photo that a woman sends to her object of desire on Snapchat.

Example: "Wallace, I wish you could see the snatchchat that Belinda just sent me. It was dirty in all the best ways."


4. Dopplebanger

Definition: When you have sex with someone because they look like someone else who you really want to bang but have no chance with.

Example: "I heard Alan had sex with Martha because she is basically Rihanna's dopplebanger."

5. Truffle Butter

Definition: OK, so this term is really gnar. It's so nasty, in fact, I won't bother to phrase it myself, but will instead rely on Urban Dictionary's definition: "A combination of fluids from having anal sex and intercourse, reference to the color and texture of thick substance that forms after having both anal sex the direct penetration of the vagina after wards without washing first. taking its name from the truffles because of color of gooey thick substance created after penetrating both holes sexually and its texture of the gooey substance being something thick like that of butter."

In other words, "The fastest route to a urinary tract infection."


Example: "You don't want to know what truffle butter is; trust me."

Fun fact: Nicki Minaj actually wrote song entitled "Truffle Butter" — yep, she went there.

6. Sascrotch

Definition: When someone's pubic region hasn't been trimmed in a long time and it's getting out of control.

Example: "I took one look at that sascrotch and ran as fast as I could."


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7. Powerballing

Definition: When a guy gyrates his testicles while having sex.

Example: "Things got weird last night. Bartholomew started powerballing me in the middle of doing it."

8. Netflix and chill

Definition: When someone texts you and says they want to watch Netflix and chill, they actually mean they just want to have sex with you five minutes into watching a movie.

Example: "Hey, you down to come over tonight? We can Netflix and chill."

9. Intercoarse

Definition: Very rough sex.

Example: "Gertrude couldn't walk for three days after the crazy intercoarse she had with Bert."

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10. Masturwait

Definition: When waiting for porn on your computer to buffer in the middle of masturbation.

Example: "Damn this WiFi. I guess I'll just have to masterwait."

11. Hotline Bling

Definition: Hotline bling is another term for a booty call, i.e., when someone calls you to come over because they want to have sex.


Example: "Eugene made my hotline bling and I told him to get lost."

Fun fact: Drake popularized this phrase in his song "Hotline Bling."

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