35 Hilariously Funny Sex Memes We Can't Get Enough Of


These are so funny!

If you think about it, human intercourse is a pretty odd thing. There are all these rituals and procedures that people go through before engaging in sex.

Everyone is familiar with a courtship phase that later leads to action in the bedroom. This might include a date, dinner, or a simple invitation to “Netflix and chill.”

And everyone has heard of those mixed morning-after feelings that people get when they come home after bedding someone. These feelings can range from satisfaction to regret.

When it comes to sex, there are awkward moments and there are confusing moments (and everything else in between). It’s not always like in the movies.

We have this whole culture around sex that everyone talks about. But sex is actually pretty darn weird.

Nothing points out the weirdness in sex more than memes and funny sex quotes.

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A lot of memes on the internet point attention to how hilarious sex and hookup culture can actually be. Everyone thinks sex is supposed to be so sexy, but memes show us that sex can be pretty damn awkward.

If you want to see for yourself how hilarious sex memes are, then you’re in luck because we’ve gathered 35 of the FUNNIEST sex memes just for you. Continue scrolling below and you’ll see what we mean.  

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On "Netflix and chill"
Photo: Odyssey Online

So, you're saying you don't actually want to watch a movie?

"Netflix and chill" seems like a popular one
Photo: Memes

But what about the movie?!

When opportunities arise
Photo: OnSizzle

You gotta do what you gotta do (even if you're actually a cactus).

When boys expect too much.
Photo: OnSizzle

Yeah, that's not happening.

When you try to strike a fair balance.
Photo: Gag

Is it possible to be both?

What bae wants for Valentine's Day
Photo: Instagram

Of course.

When guys get clever.
Photo: Reddit

Clever, but definitely not classy.

When fuckboys try too hard
Photo: OnSizzle

Of course without you.

On our conflicting desires
Photo: OnSizzle

Yes, both are true.

When he finally texts you
Photo: OnSizzle

I can't tell if the chicken is running away from or towards the guy's house. Either way, this meme will strike a chord with a fair number of people.

On the worst situation
Photo: OnSizzle

Literally the WORST.

On flaky people
Photo: OnSizzle

But what if she's busy tomorrow night?

More Netflix and chill
Photo: Amazon

Come on, guys. You can be a little more creative than "Netflix and chill."

On going deeper
Photo: Pinterest

This is a smart one.

On round two
Photo: Google

Some people just get TIRED.

When you catch feelings
Photo: Reddit

Is he really good enough to be your new bae?

On waiting for the towel
Photo: WordPress

Just patiently waiting....

On moving around too much
Photo: OnSizzle

Not everyone can contort themselves so much!

On more fuckboys
Photo: OnSizzle

Bye, Felicia.

On raunchy movies
Photo: Pics

I have so many questions....

On sex toys
Photo: OnSizzle

There's always that one person with a collection.

When you're single AF
Photo: OnSizzle

We've all had this thought at one point.

On dropping hints
Photo: Amazon

Does it need to be spelled out?

On asking for more
Photo: OnSizzle

Is this guy serious?

When you get surprised
Photo: Pin

Well, that was unexpected!

When you accidentally hurt his feelings
Photo: OnSizzle

Sorry not sorry?

When you shave just in case
Photo: Pinterest

Nothing wrong with being prepared.

When you get freaky
Photo: OnSizzle

You're probably fine.

When you try to dress up
Photo: BuzzFeed

Now this is awkward.

When he's mature
Photo: Pics

You go, bro!

On using the bathroom after doin' the DEED.
Photo: JustPo

What will you do without a phone?!

On how you spend your nights
Photo: OnSizzle

No judgment. 

When your innocent friend isn't so innocent
Photo: Pinterest


When you get a text from bae
Photo: Instagram

Hurry up and hide it!

When you want to talk
Photo: OnSizzle

This should go well...