Women Share How Catcalling REALLY Makes Them Feel

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When you are born female and decide to live that way, you are going to experience a lot of different things. 

Some of those things will be awesome. Having clitoral orgasms, for one, those are pretty great. They are so great, in fact, that they kind of make up for the whole vagina-bleeding-once-a-month thing that we all experience. 

Unfortunately, being a woman isn't all orgasms and Sephora visits.

It's enduring sexism. It's being made to feel afraid just walking down the street. It's being told to smile by strangers. It's making less money than your male peers. It's having a government insist that it has the right to police your body.

Every woman I know has been catcalled. If you haven't yet, just wait.

The first time I was catcalled by a group of men, I was 12.

Yup. 12.

"I'd fuck that raw!" One man yelled, and the others joined in, their words a muddled mess. 

I was 12.

That first catcalling has stayed with me, but I have been through enough other experiences with catcalling that the rest seem to blend into one screaming blur that almost always left me feeling small and unsafe. 

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What's even weirder are those rare times when catcalling makes you feel, well, good for a second. You're feeling sexy, you're feeling confident and a guy might say. "Hey beautiful," or simply, "nice." It boosts your ego, even as you know that kind of behavior isn't appropriate. 

Since my own experiences with catcalling have been so varied (along with my reactions to it), I decided to anonymously ask women what their relationship with catcalling was like. 

Here's what happened.

How does it make you feel when you are catcalled on the street? How do you handle it?