Women Who Do These 3 Things Can Achieve What Science Calls A "Super Orgasm"

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super orgasm

One of life's great mysteries? Getting equal orgasms for women everywhere or "closing the orgasm gap," as it has been called. There's no denying that we've made progress, but the truth of the matter is there's still way to go. 

For quite awhile now, some experts have said that women can think their way to orgasm, and while I was skeptical at first, I've become a believer.

And now there's even more proof that this — thinking your way to the 'O' mighty — is truly real.

More specifically, a 'Super Orgasm' can be achieved when women keep calm (read: no over thinking), a little yoga, and a lot of bonding with bae, according to this new data. 

But the most exciting takeaway is by far the fact that once you find what combination of these things makes you tick some women can have up to 100 orgasms in one round.


Actually, on second thought that sounds like it could be a bit excruciating. 

The Super Orgasm study monitored the brain activity of five women in order to see if multiple orgasms were truly limited to some women, while being easily accessible to others. And, ultimately, they found that those who had higher levels of oxytocin — the love hormone which helps bond sexual partners — released were more capable of more orgasms.

According to the Mirror, "The super-orgasmic women were 'less inhibited and more easily aroused'." 

While we're certainly surprised by the idea that we may all be able to have 100 orgasms in one round, it doesn't come as a surprise that the most basic answer to our orgasm woes is peace.

Peace of mind, body, and self!

Spend more time focusing on achieving those things and you may have just unlocked the trifecta and then some (give or take a hundred).