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Mama June's Final STUNNING Weight Loss Has Been Revealed — And She IS A Size 4

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Mama June Shannon's Dramatic Weight Loss - WOW!

Mama June Shannon has had a rocky road in life but when she found out her ex, Sugar Bear, was getting married, she knew she wanted to look HOT for the wedding and lose weight.

Not only as a big, "EFF YOU!" to her ex, but also because she was concerned for her health.

Documented on WeTV's Mama June: From Not To Hot, Mama June shared her entire journey with the world as we all waited with baited breath to see just how awesome her final reveal would be.

Starting at 460 pounds, Mama June began exercising and eating healthy but wasn't quite happy with the results.

She then went through gastric sleeve surgery, which according to WebMD, is a restrictive operation that makes the stomach smaller and helps people lose weight. With a smaller stomach, you will feel full a lot quicker than you are used to. This means that you will need to make big lifelong changes in how you eat-including smaller portion sizes and different foods-in order to lose weight.

So it's not a lifetime solution, but it does help you feel fuller after smaller meals which can aide in weight loss. But you have to work hard to keep that weight off by continuing to eat healthily and exercise or it'll go right back to the way it was.

When asked what the real reason behind her sudden desire to be healthy was, Mama June said:

"My goal when I first started this weight loss journey was to make Sugar Bear kind of jealous. But it's no longer about revenge ... Doing all the surgeries really took a toll on me—not just physically, but emotionally ... I don't want to disappoint everybody and not be the skinny Mama June that everybody is looking forward to. But if I go with something as serious as the next surgery, it can't be about making everyone happy—it's got to be about me."

Mama June was referring to the surgery that removes excess skin after extreme weight loss, which turned out to be very painful and traumatic.


But now that Mama is all healed, she has revealed what all the hard work has done to her body.

In an exclusive first look with People Magazine, Mama June is looking HOT in her new size 4 body!


Mama June was curious what everyone thought about her new figure:

She then retweeted someone who was impressed and proud of the 37-year-old mom for her success!


Mama June is proud she worked her ass off (LITERALLY!) and we are, too!


#MamaJune has officially gone #FromNotToHot 

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