Teen Sells Her Virginity For ASTOUNDING Price To Man In Hong Kong

teen sells virginity Aleexandra Kefren

Sex sells. But what has real power is virginity, and Aleexandra Kefren proves that virginity is in hot demand. Now, at the age of 18, and against friends' wishes, the Romanian has successfully auctioned off her virginity to a businessman in Hong Kong.

The identity of the buyer has not been revealed. However, what we do know is that he placed the top bid to have sex and de-virgin Kefren for 2.3 million euros, the equivalent of almost $2.5 million.

In an upfront interview, Aleexandra Kefren shares that she has already spoken to her buyer, but she has not given thought to other issues — like STDs or safety.

Her reasons? Her current situation is dire, and her family is in a financial crisis.

The teen who sold her virginity states that she comes "from a poor country, has intentions to attend school, and she wants to buy her parents a home." Her parents face eviction. After observing friends and others who were virgins who decided to give up their virginity to a boyfriend for love, she thought carefully about their experience.

She noticed that nearly all of their relationships, no matter how long term seemed a waste and ended in heartache. For Aleexandra, selling her virginity made sense since the end would provide hope and meaning. She would have enough money to secure her family's future — a much more valuable consider when compared to the cost of purity.

The selling arrangement was made through a German escort agency, Cinderella Escorts, which will collect the monies and keep a 20 percent commission for the virgin's deal once the transaction takes place.

Although some women and men gawk at the idea of having sex for money, Aleexandra didn't come up with the idea of selling her body overnight. She explained how she was introduced to the concept at the age of 15 after watching the movie Indecent Proposal, where a woman is asked to have sex with someone for $1 million. 

She started to do research and discovered other girls selling themselves for sex in amounts up to $3.5 million or more. That's how she came to find her escort service of choice and determined that "with Cinderella Escorts rather than giving it to a future friend who might have left me anyway." 

Although her parents aren't aware of what she is doing, she feels confident she is making the right choice on their behalf. She hopes that they will understand that she acted in favor if they do discover what she's done in the future. When asked about safety, she stated, "man willing to pay a high sum for a woman has to be a good person."