7 Completely Unexpected (And BRILLIANT!) Uses For Silicone Lube

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How To Use Silicone Lubricant ('Lube') In 7 Ways That Don't Involve Sex!

Higher quality silicone lubricants not only make sex feel even more AMAZING than it already does, but they're generally easy on the digestive tract and the skin. This means they're safe to use for oral sex (and they're relatively tasteless/odorless, so all the better). 

They also have a moisturizing effect on the skin. When my hands or lips are dry I often apply silicone lubricant to them for relief. —

I use it for a bunch of other non-sexy things too!

Here are my seven favorite alternative non-sex uses for silicone lube. This list is awesome! Check it:

1. For squeaky doors, locks and small mechanisms.

Basically, anything you’d use WD40 for, you can use silicone lube to fix also.

2. As moisturizer.

I keep one bottle of Wicked Ultra Silicone Lube by my bedside and one in my bathroom to apply to dry patches on my hands and face in the winter. Works WONDERFULLY!

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3. As frizzy-hair serum.

I have super curly hair. For years I used a product called Frizz-Ease, but I now use a small amount of silicone lube in my hair every day. One of the main ingredients in hair frizz serum is silicone (you’ll see it often listed as Dimethiconol or Dimethicon).

Many hair product manufacturers put other fillers or fragrances in their products, so using a premium silicone lube gives me the equivalent of premium salon quality hair care on the cheap.

4. As runners' glide.

Apply silicone lube between your thighs when you run to prevent chafing. I don’t run, but I do have chunky thighs. I do this in the summer when I’m wearing skirts and walking around town.

You can also apply it to your bare nipples if they chafe from rubbing against your shirt or sports bra when running.

5. As shaving lotion.

Instead of using shaving cream on your legs, underarms or pubic area, use silicone lube. It helps you get a close shave and minimizes razor burn. Especially if you suffer from razor bumps, you may want to give it a try before you go out and buy expensive shaving cream.

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6. For latex clothing.

If you wear latex clothing, rubbing it down with silicone lube after you put on your garment is a must. Silicone helps latex preserve it’s shine and extends the life of the item.

Make sure you use silicone lube without fillers and extra ingredients on latex and be especially mindful not to use any that contains Vitamin E or Aloe.

7. To shine your shoes.

Shoes looking a little dull?  Rub a small amount of silicone lube on them to give them a polished look.

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