'Glitter Booties' Are The Latest Fashion Trend For Making Your Butt Look Pretty

This new fashion trend is booty-full.

'Glitter Booties' Are The Latest Fashion Trend For Making Your Butt Look Pretty MsMaria / Shutterstock.com

Dipping things in glitter was probably your favorite part of arts and crafts time, right? As we get older, our favorite things change, and while we still love glitter, what we use it for is a bit different.

Ever since I started wearing makeup, glitter was a thing. I spent my babysitting money on glitter-infused body lotions and hairspray, and I spent a significant amount of time applying it to my eyelids during my middle school years. As time went on, though, glitter never went away, riding the waves of various trends.


Trends like glitter beards, armpit hairs, eyebrows... and now, glitter butts.

It took artist Mia Kennington to come up with the “glitter booty” idea after being inspired by the sandy-butt look achieved by sitting on the beach.

Kennington comes from a background in glitter as she is part of the Gypsy Shrine, a whole collection of glitter artists that host festivals and pop-ups centered around body art. Her frequent Instagram posts of the glitter butts have been going viral, turning this trend into something worth talking about.


She has come up with a couple of signature looks like the gold, rainbow and mermaid booties. (I’m a big fan of the rainbow booty myself.)

Want to be part of the glitter craze? The Gypsy Shrine website has everything you need to get your glitter on. Buy resources, see photos for inspiration, and learn about upcoming events to meet others and show off how amazing you look covered in a good coating of glitz.


And if you want to try glittering your booty yourself, grab a friend and have them apply hair gel to your butt as an adhesive. Grab a whole bunch of glitter and start layering it on. You can stick to a single color or try out one of the designs listed on the website.

The Gypsy Shrine gang suggests using body paint before adding the glitter to get an even more dramatic color scheme.

All photos: Instagram.com/thrillsoftomorrow​