5 Submissive Stories That Will Make You Say "Yes, Master!"

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submissive stories

"I could never be one of those submissive girls."

If you've caught yourself saying this before then you should definitely read this. The act of being submissive is not what people assume it to be.

In the Oxford Dictionary, submission is defined as, "The action of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person." Then, the example is, "they were forced into submission".

And that's where Oxford is wrong.

Submission is not forced upon anyone, it is a choice. Those who become submissive have chosen, by themselves, to allow their partner to control them. That has many variations. They can be submissive only in their homes or only during sex. The point is, it was their decision, from beginning to end.

That's why some even couples make up a set of rules that carefully state what they will and will not do.

Submission is about pleasure — and getting lots of it!

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Don't knock it till you try it, you could be missing out on a lot of fun!

To inspire your inner kinky self, we found 5 super-sexy Dom and sub stories that submissives are sure to love.

1. “Now,” he murmurs, “hands on the posts behind you. Keep them there unless I instruct you otherwise, do you understand?”

“Good morning, beautiful.” Sir’s voice is low, like a roll of thunder. His British accent is still such a turn on, even after all these months. His hand coasts up over my shoulder, down my arm, past my waist, and pauses on my hip. His hot breath fans over the place his hands just vacated, chasing away the chills.

“Are you sore?” he whispers close to my ear. His fingers flexing and releasing on my hip distract me and my answer gets caught in my throat. A light slap to my thigh brings me out of my head long enough to reply.

“Umpf — No, Sir.” I say, my eyes closed against the sting of his palm.

“Look at me,” he commands, slipping his hand inside my panties to cup between my legs.

“Are you sure?” he asks in a whisper.

Twisting my body slightly, I get a glimpse of him for the first time since last night, and feel my cheeks flame as a slideshow of our sexcapades from last night begins to play in my mind.

His strong jaw partially hidden by the stubble of his beard, his gaze clear and direct behind his glasses, searching my face as he looks at me with intent, awaiting my answer.

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2. “Take off your dress,” he said, with the look of lust in his eyes.

“Good, now get on your knees,” he instructed.

I slowly got down. John placed a blindfold around my eyes and a gag around my mouth. I felt him grip my neck and place the leash around the collar.

“Come with me.” I was on my hands and knees, following the pull of the leash like an animal. He guided me into another room and sat me on a chair.

I felt him pull down my panties. He tied me tightly around the chair with my hands behind my back, and my legs spread open. I had no idea what was in store.

The silence was killing me and blindfolded still, I could see nothing.

I heard the noise of another person. I knew it was Lucy.

At this stage, I had no idea what was going on but I think they were kissing. Things escalated until I believe they were having sex. It became so arousing...

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3. “Look at me,” you murmured, your deep voice firm and demanding.

I watched as you undid each button, slowly exposing more and more skin to my gaze. My hands were running over the recently revealed skin before the shirt had even touched the floor and you leaned down to kiss my lips once again.

You bit down lightly on my lower lip and I whimpered softly as you broke the kiss and sat up. I watched from beneath heavy lids as you quickly removed both your pants and boxers, and smiled at you, my heart pounding almost painfully with excitement and anticipation.

All of a sudden, your body was hovering over me again and I lifted my hips to meet yours so that there was no longer any space between us.

I relished the subtle weight of your body blanketing mine and the way your mouth-watering scent enveloped me like the sweetest of embraces.

A long, soft moan escaped my throat as our bodies joined together as one, and my eyes fluttered closed.

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4. I could feel his breath on my neck, he turned my face to him and kissed me.

My hands rattled, I wanted to touch him so badly, drag my nails down his back but he wouldn’t grant me that, he liked watching me build in frustration.

He pulled back out ever so slowly driving me wild. I felt his hand at the back of my head, loosening the blindfold so I could look up into his eyes.

He had this mischievous smile on his face. I was so distracted that I got a wonderful shock when he quickly pushed back into me, my eyes shut and I moaned.

He sped up the rhythm. Biting my neck and pushing me into him with one arm on my back. I could feel it again, that deep core-wrenching tingle that slowly builds up, his breathing quickened and I knew his release would be soon.. he went deeper and I screamed his name as my orgasm burst through me, he was seconds later with his hand pulling on my hair hard and his teeth sinking into my neck.

He collapsed onto me, his breathing heavy along with my own. It was the best sex I’ve ever had in my life.

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5. “Just say the ‘safe word’ and everything ends,” she repeated to herself.

"Oh my god, thank you so much…” she started to say, expecting their fantasy game to be over… but he stopped her with another hard slap to her a$$, and she felt the stinging sensation spread...

“Now, stand up.”

She snapped to attention and stood on shaky legs, and got her first look at the stranger. He stood before her in the dim light, shirtless, but wearing black jeans, with a riding crop in hand, a serious look on his face.

The Stranger was around 6 feet tall, with short brown hair, piercing blue eyes and a chiseled torso. Not bad at all.

She stole a quick glance at his crotch, and was happy to see that the scene obviously turned him on too...

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