How To Make Yourself Orgasm In Your Sleep

You'll wake up in a cold sweat.

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It is a well-known occurrence that men are able to orgasm when they are asleep, especially when they are experiencing puberty. They may wake up after they have ejaculated, which is known as having a wet dream.

But are you aware that women can also have sex dreams that end in an orgasm too? The only difference is that women don’t have any physical evidence that the experience had happened.

Experiencing an orgasm in your sleep is nothing new. In 1986, the Journal of Sex Research did a small study on women who were in college. They found that 37 percent of the women had experienced an orgasm in their sleep.



When you are sleeping an orgasm happens during rapid eye movement (REM). REM sleep allows your brain to react in the same way as if you were awake. The only difference is that your body is paralyzed and you may experience a dream.

The brain is connected to the nerves in your body which can make the dream feel incredibly real. This is enhanced by increased blood flow that is sent to different areas of your body including your genitals. When it comes to men, the extra blood flow is the reason why they wake up with morning wood and have erections throughout the night. When women wake up in the morning, the clitoris can become bigger, extra sensitive and aroused.


If you combine the intensity of having a sex dream with the extra sensitivity of the genitals, you may be able to achieve an orgasm that feels incredibly intense. If you have never experienced an orgasm in your sleep, here are 4 things you can try:

1. Fantasize before you sleep.

Think yourself to sleep with a sexual fantasy. You will need to do this every night and eventually you may find yourself dreaming about the fantasy. Since you are in control of the fantasy before you fall asleep, you may be able to naturally control your dream. If this is not the case, you can train yourself to take control of your dream.

2. Find the dream.



You will need to be able find a dream that works for you. You can make a dream diary that outlines the type of dreams you experience and how they have physically affected you. After some time, you may be able to notice a dreaming pattern that affects you the most.

3. Understand the difference between reality and a dream.

If you are aware of the type of sex dream you experience, the more likely you will be able to pick up that you are in a dream. Dreams are often very different from reality. You will be able to find things that stand out that.

For example, maybe you are wearing clothes that you don’t actually own. Maybe there are new people you are interacting with that you don’t actually know in real life. Once you are aware that you are in a dream, you will be able to change your dream and interact with it. This is known as lucid dreaming.


4. Change your sleep position.


Sleep on the front of your body in full contact of your bed. Since your genitals will be extra sensitive when you are asleep, the movement of your body will more likely be stimulated through the direct contact. The movement of your body when you are breathing can also stimulate your nipples.


Above all else, what does a sex dream feel like? You find yourself entrapped daydreaming about sex that you will fall asleep to your thoughts. During the sex dream, your need to be relieved from your sexual frustrations can feel extremely intense. You can feel your body naturally reacting to the dream with warmth and sensitivity.

As the dream keeps on going, the pleasurable experience intensifies until you build up your orgasm and climax. If you orgasm is strong, you will most likely wake up from the dream. You may find yourself breathing heavily, overheated, confused and sometimes your clothes may be twisted together near your genitals.

From here you can decide whether you would like to continue masturbating to finish off your orgasm. You can also relax to catch your breath or begin fantasizing again to attempt another orgasm in your sleep.