Why Marriage Isn't A 'Magic Spell' That Will Change Someone's Behavior

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DeVon Franklin

Discipline is one of the most important aspects of human nature, yet it's wildly underrated. While we tend to hate the discipline of our parents when we are young, it’s when we get older that we realize the power and necessity of discipline to get us what we want.

A killer beach body in time for summer? Discipline. Straight As on your college transcript? Discipline. A bank account that actually has some savings? You guessed it: discipline.

Discipline comes into play more than one may think, especially when it comes to sex.

Minister, Hollywood producer and author DeVon Franklin recently came out with a book called The Wait: A Powerful Practice for Finding the Love of Your Life and the Life You Love, which describes the importance of sexual discipline, especially when it comes to marriage and men.

According to his book, Franklin says, “If I had no discipline in sex before marriage, I will have no discipline in sex after marriage. And we wonder why most marriages end and why, you know, infidelity is so high. It’s not like you get married, and say, 'I do.' Okay, everything I practiced is out the window! No. What you have practiced, what habit you have — they’re still there. So if I have no discipline sexually, I might be with my wife, but wait a minute, you know, I still have these ideas and these thoughts and these urges that I have not put myself in a process to manage.”

In an interview with Oprah, Franklin talks about his book and the entire concept of being sexually disciplined. He talks about how men will go against their true nature just to get a woman in bed and that these actions lead to nothing but chaos and illegitimate children.

In the interview, Oprah seems quite impressed with the passages that she reads, all of which condemn men for cheating, especially when they are married. PREACH!

Franklin goes on to mention that men these days are raised in a culture where behavior like cheating, manipulating women and sleeping with as many people as possible is encouraged. But if men can’t get past this kind of behavior and praise from society, their relationships will suffer.

Before you start hating on men and thinking that women are the victims of this situation, Franklin goes on to talk about the misconception of marriage when it comes to women.

Many women think that as soon as their groom says “I do,” everything will change. If their man has not been sexually disciplined before they tie the knot, many women think that it will all change for the better once the deed is done. This, however, is not the case. As Franklin says, saying “I do” is not a fix for those men who haven’t yet figured out sexual discipline.

So, ladies (or men), before you decide on marrying someone, make sure to pay attention to their sexual discipline. If they are prone to cheating or have a wandering eye, planning a wedding may not be the best idea.

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