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These 9 Sex-Positive Female Celebrities Should Be Your Role Models

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9 Sex-Positive Women Celebrities Should Be Your Role Models

We, as women, have come so far but we've still got ways to go. We're still fighting for certain liberties that are inherently given to men, straight out the womb — everything from closing the pay gap to changing ideology that intervenes with women's right to confidently act as sexual beings, should they choose to.

One minute, we're not allowed to publicly breastfeed but the next we're kinda sorta into the latest nude selfies. The lines that have been drawn are blurry a best, and It can all be very confusing.

So we'll keep it simple — women still aren't equal to men when it comes to expressing their sexuality and that's bullshit.

However, these 9 sex-positive celebrities are staples in the feminist sex positivity movement, and whether they know it or not, you totally should.

So, here they are:

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1. Amber Rose

Amber Rose, like Kim Kardashian, catches a lot of flack for how she began her business endeavors. But, f*** that — smart business is smart business and that's what Rose did by creating her Slut Walk movement and sex-positive podcast, Loveline. Rose fights to reduce the stigma surrounding rape, the idea that women must be asking for it through their actions, clothes, or anything else.

2. Madonna


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Madonna paved the way for many of the women on this list with her raunchy performances and lyrics. She's the ultimate feminist in that she's always shown us that we can be more than one thing — we can be a mom, we can be an activist, we can be kinky and still be like a virgin. Madge will always make the cut, she's an OG in the feminist game.

3. Rihanna


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Have you heard her music? Ever since she dropped that Good Girl Gone Bad album, shit just hasn't been the same and her "bad girl" image shows through her music. She's had kinky hits with songs like "S&M" and "Kiss It Better." Although, last time we checked she was celibate there's no denying that her music and style oozes sex. But, whenever (if not already) she's ready to end her celibacy, we can all rest assured that won't be shy about it, as the singer said, "If I wanted to [have casual sex] I would completely do that," she added, "I am going to do what makes me feel happy, what I feel like doing. But that would be empty for me; that to me is a hollow move. I would wake up the next day feeling like shit."

4. Lady Gaga


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Lady Gaga has never been afraid to speak on her sexuality, may it be artistically or otherwise. But, it's her speaking out about her sexual assault as a teen that has really touched us; she even released a track "Till It Happens" that was inspired by the incident. The song was also performed during her time supporting Joe Biden's "It's On Us" campaign.

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5. Kim Kardashian

The queen of the nude selfie has always seemed to be comfortable with her naked body being publicized, even though she claimed in the past that it wasn't always the case or that she didn't want to be known for being nude. (Talk about growth!) There's always been the great debate as to whether she released her own sex tape or not. (We know how business-savvy the Kardashian family is and we can all agree that they all definitely made the most of a sticky situation.) Since then — though you would think people would be chill about it at this point — Kim has received tons of criticism for claiming to empower women through her flaunting her bare body. Yet, despite the slut shaming, she continues to strut her stuff in the buff.

It was the letter that she penned about her nudity that really won us over (because, hell yeah!). “I never understand why people get so bothered by what other people choose to do with their lives. I don’t do drugs, I hardly drink, I’ve never committed a crime — and yet I’m a bad role model for being proud of my body?” Now more than ever, we're convinced the world needs more Kimmy.

6. Debbie Reynolds

Even though the late Debbie Reynolds went on the record with the Mirror saying that she wished she had more sex in her life, that certainly doesn't make her any less of a role model. Her openly discussing her sex life, which wasn't all that common among older generations, is only one reason she landed on this list, but the top reason? She bought her daughter, Carrie Fisher and mother vibrators for Christmas one year.

7. Halle Berry


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After the ups and downs that are Halle Berry's love life, it's no surprise that she owns a toy or two. But, her advocating for sex toys and, in general, women taking the time to remember that they're sexual beings — well, that there may have been a bit of a shocker. Berry was quoted saying, “Make regular visits to the Pleasure Chest! You can’t forget your sexuality. You can still embrace your body by going to the gym or The Pleasure Chest.” Yes, less stress and more (solo) sex!

8. Issa Rae

Aside from spilling it all in her memoir Awkward Black Girl, Rae talks about a period during her childhood where she learned about sexting with strangers in internet chatrooms. Issa Rae is the sex positive spokeswoman awkward black girls everywhere have been looking for, as she created a space for black women to be sexual through her HBO series, Insecure. Rae said, “I definitely want to depict [sexuality] in a raw and authentic way and show us being uninhibited and unafraid of judgment. Because you kind of are when you're having a real conversation with friends. And to display that in this type of medium: to be free of judgment, to be free of policing our sex lives, is something that was important to me.

9. Kendall Jenner


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Seriously. Before Kendall Jenner started flashing her nipple piercings everywhere I wondered how I would ever get the world to see mine. I was insecure and unsure about the reaction that I might get. But, now I Google shit like "sheer nipple shirts." At some point in time, I and many other women became comfortable freeing the nipple — I'm crediting Kendall for making that okay in this generation. Yes, other celebs were rocking the sheer shirt and nipple look before but it's only now becoming a craze. They even have pierced nipple tees.

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