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Woman With "Big Mac" Vag Gets Surgery To Fix Her Oversized Labia

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Woman With "Big Mac" Vag Gets Surgery To Fix Her Oversized Labia

Shaming is now bigger than ever. You can shame and be shamed for virtually anything, from the way you parent to the way your body looks.

Certainly, we never thought that we'd see the day where vagina shaming became very, very real.

But this is especially so in the case of Antonia — a woman who has decided to get labiaplasty after former lovers offered up unsolicited commentary on "having a pair of b***s" for a vagina.

In 2017, Antonia (whose last name is unknown) disclosed in a three-part BBC documentary called My Unusual Vagina that her "labia drop down 4 centimeters from the outside, 4 centimeters of skin hanging" from her "outer lips." That's just more than 1.5 inches of labia.

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To give more perspective, she then explained and even drew a visual display of how most vaginas look like hamburger buns — and that hers looks more like a Big Mac with "all the filling hanging out." She even joked in a self-deprecating fashion that "if you were hungry you'd want to eat that one." 

I'm not sure if it's fortunate that she's found humor in this situation or sad that she's been made to feel so poorly about something out of her control.

Nevertheless, I do believe that if plastic surgery is the answer to feeling more secure and you can afford to get it, then by all means, go for it. As sad as it is to see how ashamed this woman has been made to feel about her vagina, I understand.

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Who hasn't been made to feel more self-conscious about an already existing insecurity? Heck, we've all been insecure. Most of us find ways to cope with the situation as best we can — some more expensive than others.

And that's just what Antonia is doing, adding, "You cannot put a price on making yourself feel better about yourself."

But there's definitely more to this than just wanting to feel more confident. 

Antonia's overgrown labia are also the source of physical pain. Antonia explained in the docu-series that she rushed home after a night out to get her underwear off, as her labia rub against the fabric of her "knickers" and cause an uncomfortable friction.

She even recalled a past incident where her labia were sunburned after slipping out of her bikini! 

Most importantly (and equally awful), Antonia has a difficult time having sex due to the pain her oversized labia causes. 

"The skin flaps are like elastic bands, if I was to pull them I could get them down to my thigh... For me sex is difficult, because it can hurt and feel uncomfortable. How are you supposed to enjoy it when the main organ that you would use you feel completely embarrassed by, and then on the other hand it hurts physically. It is not an aspect of my life that is explored and enjoyed," she revealed in the documentary.

So, here's hoping that she feels more confident and has gotten her groove back upon healing from her labiaplasty surgery. 

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Kiarra Sylvester is a freelance writer currently pursuing graduate degrees in human sexuality and social work at Widener University.