The Family In The Viral BBC Interview Video Give First Interview — And It's HILARIOUS

Photo: DailyTelegraph
Robert Kelly Finally Discloses The Story Behind His Kids And Wife Photobombing His Skype Interview About South Korea On BBC

Kids will do the darndest things!

Do you have kids? Do you have nieces or nephews? Do you have friends with kids?

Then you know that when they’re around, the craziest stuff can happen.

It turns out that pretty much sums up what occurred when Dr. Robert E. Kelly, a professor of political science and expert on South Korea at Pusan National University, was interviewed via Skype last week.

As millions of people around the world have now seen in the video that almost immediately went viral, Professor Kelly was in the midst of this prestigious interview when his daughter pranced into the room, followed by her baby brother scooting along like a boss in his walker.

Unsure of what to do Kelly stuck his arm out to try in an unsuccessful effort to keep his mischevious daughter out of Daddy's chat. Thankfully, his wife flew in on her socks Risky Business-style to whisk away both of the kids, followed by a ninja-chic side swoop with only one arm back into the room to close the door behind the toddling trespassers.

If you missed it, here’s the hysterical video:

As a mother myself, I totally felt her terror and embarrassment. You can watch your kids like a hawk for 59 out of the sixty seconds in any given minute and they will always find some naughty way to make use of that ONE second when your back is turned.

Of course, whenever something FUN goes viral on social media these days, it has to become controversial. 

Some media outlets and rando people on the internet berated Kelly for the way he held he gently pushed his daughter back, saying instead he should have simply swooped her up onto his lap and carried on with his interview. Clearly, these people have never been interrupted unexpectedly by their children in the middle of an opportunity of a lifetime like being interviewed as an expert on an international news program.

Others were outraged that so many people assumed his wife must be the nanny, presumably based on nothing other than the facts that Kelly is white, his wife is Asian, and she looked terrified and desperate to get those kids out of the room. It's 2017, for crying out loud. Let's be better than jumping to conclusions based on racial features like that!

Now Professor Kelly and his wife, Jung-a Kim, have come forward to explain how it all happened — and the simple explanation makes the story even funnier!

The husband and wife appeared in a follow-up interview, along with daughter Marion (4) and son James (9-months) with BCC to explain how it all went down. When asked what she was up to when the children busted into Kelly's office, Jung-a Kim replied, "I was recording his interview" on the TV in the another room. 

Kelly further explained that there was a 20-second delay between what was happening in front of the webcam in his office and when Jung-a suddenly saw her daughter appear on the screen, then whipped off to collect his wandering crew of tots!

Oh!! Well, that makes sense!

Like a good husband, Kelly acknowledged, "I had foolishly not locked the door. It's really all my fault for not locking the door" — which his wife proudly received with a firm nod of agreement.

And in response to the controversial aspects of the video, Jung-a said, "We hope people can just enjoy it, not argue."

I mean, the whole family is just SO stinking cute!

Watch the full BCC World News interview with Jim Menendez here: 

And last but not least, Professor Kelly did answer THE major question that's been on all of our minds since watching his family video over and over and over again.

Menendez asked what we all want to know: "Were you wearing pajamas at the time? Some people said the reason you didn't get up at all was that either you were in your pajamas or maybe you didn't have any trousers on?" 

Kelly responded, "Yes, I was wearing pants!" 

So there you have it.