10 Women Reveal The CRAZY Ways They Lost Their "Head Virginity"


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For men, receiving head is the holy grail of sex acts, and it's always been that way.

Hell, I'd even go as far as to say that (in their minds) blowjobs during sex are a given — and just one of the many perks that comes with male privilege.  

Who among us hasn't had a guy nudge (or flat out push) our head down there? 

Women tend to go about getting our oral sex, cunnilingus, in a much more low-key way: We either just wait (and hope!) for it to happen or are surprised when it happens unexpectedly.


Get this: A common question among seventh-grade girls is "do you spit or swallow?" according to what one health education told The New York Times, and  women are twice as likely to give oral sex without the favor being returned, according to Women's Health report.

Ladies, when it comes to oral sex, we're living in a man's world.

Not to worry, though. We're taking notes and plotting on how to walk into a bedroom filled with cunnilingus entitlement. And we fully intend to skew these numbers in our favor a little more.

And, ladies remember: Ask and you shall receive.

Anyway, when a woman finally experiences cunnilingus for the first time, it's a moment of elation, shock, and uncertainty — wow, this is .... new ... and .... different.


We don't know how to act. We don't know how to be. In other words, losing our "head virginity" is an entirely different experience from giving oral sex or having actual sexual intercourse. 

We found 10 women to share sex stories of their first time getting oral sex — and reading them makes us just as elated as our very first time.

Read on if you're feeling a little nostalgic ... or still waiting for the magic to happen.

Spring Break Behavior

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"The first time I received oral sex it was from a stranger that I met on Daytona Beach during my high school senior spring break, he was a student at the local college.

"I was still 17 and I thought it was great at the time, however, I also didn't know any better. I do remember not wanting to kiss him after seeing his face all wet. 

"And, I was a little shocked that this was something that men just did despite knowing girls who casually gave oral.

"Oh, but I did find out afterward that he had sex with the girl I was on spring break with earlier that day — so that made things a lot more interesting.

"Chalked it up what happens on spring break. Stays on spring break ... until now." — Kiarra


Heaven On Earth

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"The first time I received oral sex, it was confirmed that there was a such thing as heaven on earth. That sh*t was amazing. I never felt my body shake like that, evver." — Sue 


Four Loko

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"I was at a friend's house when I was 16 and got drunk on a Four Loko. I ended up hooking up with a guy in a tiny bathroom and he ate me out — that's when I discovered I didn't like men." — Catherine


Private Show

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"My first time getting head was interesting to say the least. I was in the back of an almost empty theater on prom night. My date kept trying to go down and I kept begging him to relax.

"We had been dancing all night and I I wanted to freshen up! I eventually gave in. There I was — legs open, trying to muffle my moans, and pretend like I was watching a movie." — Mimi

Cat Kibble

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"So the first time I had oral sex was with this guy named Ross. I didn't let him do it until I came because I was scared.

"My first reaction was 'I don't feel anything but spit and heat.' I wasn't turned on at all. The whole time I wanted to tell him what to, but I had never really had sex so I didn't exactly know what I wanted.

"But, I did know I wanted him t stop licking my cat like he was a cat drink milk from a bowl." — Jizel 


Holiday Spirit

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"It was my 17th birthday, which just so happens to fall on New Year's Eve. This was the late 1980s.

"An ex-boyfriend who was in college was having a party in a large city about two hours away from my town of 1,100 people. My best friend and lied to our mothers and said we were staying at each other's houses, but instead we absconded with the car I wasn't supposed to be driving and went to the party.

"Ex lived in higher-rise (maybe 20 stories) apartment building. A central-casting-looking punk/goth boy took a liking to me. Eventually, he and I ducked out and went into the stairwell to make out. Then it happened, and I was just completely caught off guard.

"I don't even know what I was thinking, if I was thinking. It was just all really surprising and totally new to me.

"I knew men got oral sex, but I think I was oblivious about the potential pleasure for me.

"It wasn't too long before best friend, who was very very drunk, found me. Fortunately, I was wearing a long skirt, which concealed the panties around my ankles. And that was that!" — Shelby

Squirt, Squirt

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"The first time I experience oral sex ... it was amazing. So amazing, I squirted. But at the time I thought I peed on the guy.

"I had no idea what a real orgasm was ... I was so embarrassed and he was so elated ... go figure. Now if you can't make me squirt you have not done me right." — Michelle


Eww'ber Lube

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"I was 16, he used lube and I got a yeast infection." — Kia 

Rug Burn

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"I lost my head virginity in a staircase at a house party in college. It was horrible. I got terrible rug burn on my back and it was hella uncomfortable." — Kayla


The Man

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"I was 15 (maybe) — still a virgin — this boy I was talking to hit me in the head with the ball while we were playing handball. I got mad and started ignoring him.

"Long story short, he felt bad and said he'd do anything to make it up to me. After a friend of mine hinted at the best way he could make it up to me, we went to his place and he ate me out.

"Once I felt satisfied, I snapped my legs shut, rolled off the bed, put my clothes on and left. In that moment, I felt like the man!" — Toni