How To Use Snapchat To Send Sexy Selfies That Men Can't Resist

Use Snapchat to flirt like a pro.

How To Use Snapchat To Send Sexy Selfies That Men Can't Resist

Everyone likes to be a little flirtatious and to use that to their advantage to get on someone special's mind. Sending a well-thought-out Snapchat Story is a fabulous way to break the ice (or heat things up!) without being too forward. It instantly puts you in your crush's mind, without being too obvious or coming across as trying too hard, at least, if you’re doing it right.

If you’re looking to put out that flirtatious vibe without coming off too strong, sending some sexy "Snaps" is personal, discrete, and casual... and should be one of your go-to tools.


But before you go ahead and send him a full frontal (Kidding! Don't do that!) here's how to use Snapchat to send selfies and Snaps that are as sexy, sensual, and seductive as possible. 

Once you've downloaded Snapchat on your phone and gotten yourself acquainted with it (although, let’s be real, who isn’t a Snap chat pro by now?), you’re ready to start sending photos. Adding the guy you're interested in as a friend is your next step. If he’s in your phone's contacts, you can add him easily, and when you do he should receive a notification. That’s the perfect opportunity to send a random “Hey what’s up?” Snap of you making a silly face, while perhaps casually showing some cleavage. You want to look good, obviously, even though you should avoid filters and stick to looking natural. That first Snap can be a great icebreaker, and should hopefully start up an ongoing conversation you can turn into something naughtier when you're ready.


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If you don’t want to be that direct just yet OR if he doesn’t respond to your first Snap, you can casually let him know you’re having a good time or doing something interesting by adding it to your public Story. Everyone on your friend list will see it, and there's no guarantee he’ll even look at it your story, but if he does respond you’ll know he’s curious about you, which is a good sign! Start up a Snap convo from there and see how it goes.

When you're ready to move on to trying out some sexy selfies, remember that seductive pictures come from knowing a few key skills related to your angles and your camera. Taking a picture on Snapchat doesn’t take a lot of work. It just takes the right angle and filter. And learning how to flaunt your best assets in a casual way is the ultimate way to make sure each Snap counts for the few seconds it’s available for display.


Here are 4 sexy selfie poses you can strike to attract his eye and keep your Snapchat stories lingering on his mind long after they disappear!

1. The Cleavage Shot

The go-to, basic, a cleavage shot is always a winner. It’s working with what guys know and love, and it’s easily accessible without coming off sleazy or attention seeking. It’s simple enough to seem natural, yet risqué enough to leave them wanting more. Just don’t make it obvious by pressing your boobs together with your elbows or wearing a ridiculously low cut shirt. Simply pick a nice push up bra, a normal shirt, and get your cleavage in the picture. Simple, casual, and effective.

2. The Lounging Shot

You can easily get a conversation going when you send a photo of yourself relaxing in bed, a jacuzzi, or a strategically bubbly bathtub. This hints that you wouldn’t mind if he was there and that you’re happy to give him a little sneak peek to let his imagination run wild. Rest assured, he’ll be interested in seeing more of you. Tease him in these shots with your feet and legs, keeping your body covered in bubbles or sheets, or try gently resting a hand on your hip, stomach, or collarbone. This is a low-risk way to be super sexy and leave him wanting more.


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3. The Full Body Shot

Another low-risk option is a full-body mirror shot. These work especially well when you’re dressed up in a slamming outfit as you're headed out with your friends. You’re casually sharing your hot look while giving him something to wonder about all night. If you’re looking for something more casual, you can’t go wrong with your favorite shorts, skirt, or your yoga pants and a well-fitted t-shirt or tank top. This look gives your body a gorgeous, flattering figure while giving him a glimpse of what he'd be seeing if he were with you in person. Angle yourself in slightly towards the mirror with a well-placed arm. It’s all about the angle! Butts and boobs are two of many men’s favorite parts of women's bodies, so if you can get a silhouette of both in the picture, it will work nicely to your advantage.

4. The Booty Shot

If you’re looking to really pull him in and aren’t too concerned about appearing casual, try the laying down butt shot. This is best when done in yoga pants or your favorite pair of jeans, but hey, if you’re a risk-taker, go with those lacy boy shorts! It will definitely catch his eye when he opens up a random Snap and sees your perky buns waiting for him. But beware. This shot is a totally obvious way of leading him to believe that interested in getting sexual.


In general, always remember to err on the side of discretion!

As you know, pictures can be replayed or saved through a simple screenshot. Replaying can be turned off in your settings, but unfortunately, there’s no block for screenshots. Don’t post anything that you wouldn’t want to end up on Facebook.

Even sexy shots of you in the tub can be totally PG and classy! If you’re okay with having a naughty image, go for it! But don’t expect Snaps to always remain private. Screenshots can and do, happen, no matter how much you trust someone not to take them.


Now, Snap away!

Experiment with your angles. Know what you’re comfortable with. And know what you want to portray. Then go have fun and flaunt what you've got!

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