8 Guys Reveal Their Unfiltered Thoughts About Your 'Sex Face'

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We all want to feel wanted. The most amazing thing about sex is that we get to give and receive pleasure at the same time. It's the ultimate act of intimacy

We can see someone's pleasure in their orgasm, of course. But we can also see it in other ways: How they moan, the look in their eyes, the way their mouth swells and glistens.

Oh, the sex face. It's something we probably don't want to imagine on ourselves, but we really love to see in our partner. It makes us feel powerful to see how into us they are, but it also lets someone know they did a good job. Their partner is being pleased and that can help your own passion to explode as well.

There are several sex faces which bring both a sense of wonder and satisfaction. So, what are guys thinking when they see your sex face? A lot were very willing to share.

1. It makes me go gaga.

"This can turn a 6 into a 10, or a 10 into a 6. I call it 'plus or minus four.' If you look you’re about ready to take a sh*t, no matter how attractive you are, I’m out. But if you’re marginal and all of a sudden your O face turns you into Lady Gaga, I’ll go gaga."

2. I feel so powerful.

"The sex face for me is one of my favorite parts of the shenanigan. It's very ego-feeding knowing that I'm the one making her react like that and that it's an expression most men won't ever see. On the other hand, while it's happening there's a little insecurity that creeps in. I start thinking, 'Is she for real with that face or is she just being polite?'"

3. I know I'm doing a good job.


"I often don't look, but I like any indication of pleasure that I'm providing."

4. It's the best feeling!

"The sex face is the best. Watching my girl lose it in lust is always the best. THE BEST."

5. It's beautiful.

"Why is it that women have the most beautiful sex faces? It's really amazing to watch. Then guys like me look constipated and having a heart attack at the same time. At least I don't have to look at myself!"

6. It allows for a deeper connection.

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"I really love to connect with her during sex — it’s like revealing the orgasm status. What is very funny is how the face can change at this particular moment. I do really care about it, just to try to give her the best of her moment. I also have a sex face but don't have any idea how I look... I just imagine that I'm showing my ecstasy feelings."

7. It means everything.


"For the ones I loved or cared about, it was always pretty."

8. It shows vulnerability.

"Sometimes sex isn't remotely sexy. Sometimes an O face looks like you're bearing down to squeeze out a bowel movement OR having a stroke. What makes even those macabre faces so appealing is the vulnerability and honesty. You are really here and this is really happening."