We Asked Men What They Really Think About The Smell Of Your Vagina

"Yes, some really do smell like fish or even rotten fish."

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When he goes down on you, it's the most intimate kiss of all. But just as we have pretty strong feelings about what we encounter when we go down on men, the same can be said for our own lady parts.

And to that end, how we smell down there can either egg him on or make the fun halt pretty darn quick.

Basically, guys want girls to be ready for them in the same way we'd want them to be ready for us. And a part of that is to be clean and fresh before they get there. Because if they get down there and it's smelly, that just may be a dealbreaker.


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Others really turned on by your vagina smell — the right smell, that is. They can smell that you want them, or even if they can smell what time of the month it is. How wild is that?


We're all very primal when you get down to it, and some men share just how strongly they feel about your vagina smell.

Here's what men had to say about the smell of vagina.

1. It's the scent of lust.

"The scent of the vagina may change due to the time of day, month, diet, and what she is wearing (or not wearing). I am about keeping clean and prefer tasting and smelling a woman in the natural freshness after a bath or shower. There are times when the hormones are on overload and the scent will attract me and make me want to have sex immediately."

2. A clean and fresh vagina is perfect.


"Please be fresh and check things out every couple of days. If you're just back from the gym, that's fine, but not if something's fishy!"

3. If she smells bad, it's a dealbreaker.

"I’ve ended potential relationships over this. It wasn’t a matter of hygiene — I literally washed a former girlfriend but the smell remained. Can’t get hot for something you wouldn’t eat. It’s similar to bad breath. I had a girlfriend who flossed and brushed religiously but still had halitosis. She has plenty of suitors but it just wasn’t for me."

4. I can tell when she's getting her period.

"An ex would begin to smell differently closer to her period. It was like I never needed a calendar."

5. One bad smell and I'm out the door.

"Ewwwww! If there's a smell, put your pants back on. It's over."


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6. It all has to do with diet.

"Yes, some really do smell like fish or even rotten fish. Others smell tart, more like tropical fruit, like pineapple. That's way better. I've been told my pre-ejaculate also tastes like pineapple. And I'm clean and healthy, so that must be a big part of it on both sides."


7. An unpleasant vagina can really derail things.

"Too perfumed or powdered definitely feels like something is being covered up. Naturally unpleasant? That's no good either unless there's a 'reason.' the going down process is involved and there's little way to fake it."

8. Both parties should prep beforehand.

"Spontaneous oral isn't always the neatest or cleanest. You get the vagina you have. If there's time, both parties should take a minute to do some prep."

9. It's an incredibly hot turn-on.

"When you're trying to hide that you're aroused, we still know. It's intoxicating. Catching the scent of your heat is like pouring gasoline on a fire. Knowing that I've turned you on, mentally and physically, is both a tremendous compliment and aphrodisiac. The animal inside me rages to rip and tear your clothes off to continue what has clearly been started."

10. Smell is very personal.


"I truly believe that it's like choosing a fragrance, especially if you love going down there. If her vagina smell is not matching my taste, that can be a minus sign or even a dealbreaker. I am talking about regular smell as sometimes everyone can have some problems. Overall, it's very important to me."

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