Newlyweds Forced To Have Sex In Front Of Their Wedding Guests

sex in front of wedding guests

What the actual f*ck? is my reaction to this horrifying YouTube video of Chinese newlyweds forced to have sex in front of their wedding guests. And yes, the guests made them do it.

I mean, everyone knows that, when planning a wedding, what the guests want is often more important than what the people getting married want. But seriously?

Sure, couples want to offer food that everyone will like, music that their guests can dance to, and a fantastic open bar so their friends can get properly buzzed. However, this whole ordeal took things a little too far.

According to the Daily Mail, this video taken at a wedding in China shows wedding guests forcing the bride and groom to have sex, literally right in front of them.

The video starts out with the couple, snuggly under a red blanket, all smiles and clearly out of their wedding attire. Then, female guests are heard shouting at the couple with demands that they take off the little clothes that they have left on (and I thought that guys were the perverted ones).

After a whole lot of hassle, the bride finally takes off her panties and hands them to one of her female “friends,” her husband following her lead shortly afterward.

They were all well and naked, but the story doesn’t end there. Their perverted party goers took things even further by requesting — no, demanding — that the couple start having sex in front of them.

Now things took a turn for the bizarre, and as if they were performers at a sex show in Amsterdam’s red light district, the groom grabbed his naked bride and pulled her closer to him. The audience went wild as guests shouted, “Climb on to his body now!” and “Are you attached to each other?”

As if things weren’t scandalous enough, the unsatisfied guests decided to take measures into their own hands by physically grabbing the bride’s thigh and putting it over the top of her husband.

However, this isn’t enough to satisfy the distorted needs of the horny guests and one hero from the audience came up to physically force the couple into intercourse. Putting her hands under the bride’s butt, the guest forced her onto her husband’s lap and gave her a little tap of encouragement.

While you may have thought that would be enough to please the guests, you’d be absolutely underestimating them, because they went even further and removed the covers completely! It wasn’t until the couple was completely exposed and doing the deed that the guests seemed to finally be happy.

It may seem to us that the party guests were complete and utter horn balls, but the whole display was apparently just considered funny to them. Pretty sick sense of humor, huh?