11 Guys Describe What The Inside Of Your Vagina Really Feels Like

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what a vagina feels like

Even if we've had a vagina our whole lives, many of us have a pretty limited idea of how it feels on the inside. 

Men, though, have very specific thoughts about what it feels like to be inside of a woman, and those feelings really vary a lot. 

Interestingly, some men associate it with their favorite desserts, be it warm and inviting lava cake or a (classic!) delicious apple pie. But others are a lot more vivid in their imagery. While all share their feelings of grip and warmth, others reflect on high tight and wet they like that grip to be. Often, the greatest pleasure is in that "vice-like" glove, and the friction it can cause. 

Every woman's vagina is different — in its feel, look, and the way it responds to touch as well as a man's penis. Some feel very tight and a woman who has done Kegel exercises or knows how to squeeze against the penis increases the pleasure.

Of course, all will also tell you that sex feels way better without a condom. But we know that because men have been telling us since high school.

Here's what the inside of a vagina feels like, according to men.

1. Like the truest intimacy in the world.

"Different positions elicit different feelings of pressure. For me, the more pressure or friction when moving the head and the ridge of the penis in and out, the more pleasure I feel. Being inside creates a sense of warmth and a feeling of true intimacy with my partner, and I really like to embrace her very tight to feel that love and intimacy in that moment."

2. Like a massage, but better.


"Wet, tight, warm, soft, sometimes massaging sensation."

3. Like a delicious dessert.

"It's like that molten lava cake but on your penis, and you orgasm and don't get fat from it."

4. Like a warm hamburger.

"What does a vagina feel like? Being that I haven't had sex once without a condom in 20 years, I would say an awful lot like latex being pushed through a hamburger that was warmed in the microwave. But a lot sexier than that sounds. And that one time I did it without a condom, it lasted under 10 seconds, and I was too nervous to think about anything else other than pulling out before I climaxed."

5. Like hot apple pie.

"There's a reason American Pie was called that and had the apple pie scene become so popular."

6. Like a vice-like grip.

"It really depends... but a really tight one is this amazing vice-like grip that offers friction and pressure but also a welcoming warmth. It should actually a hurt a little bit if you want things to feel really good."

7. Like the most exciting kind of pressure.


"There's always pressure, but that builds the excitement. But as [you continue], things just feel hotter and wetter and that friction increases into intense pleasure."

8. Like a slip and slide.

"I always reflect back to that slippery when wet album!"

9. Like a stretchy pouch.

"A hot, wet, slippery, stretchy pouch that hugs and massages your sensitive penis just perfectly, and makes the whole world seem A-OK."

10. Like humidity, in the best conditions.

"I will describe it as sensitive and warm, humid in the best conditions. You can almost forecast what is the status of excitement, like a barometer. I am still amazed by how you can feel her muscles and most likely when she reaches her special moment."

11. Like a warm glove.

"Kinda like a warm glove: tight sometimes, slippery at others... It is a wonderful, warm feeling."